Wrapping it Up…

Melissa surprised Emma and Eliza on Friday ,  swooping them up and flying them home on Sunday.  I miss them, especially in the mornings, but we were essentially out of activities, and they wanted to be home on their Dad’s birthday yesterday.   We had a big dinner on Saturday here at the ‘Stone, ate a nice breakfast at Denny’s on Sunday morning, and that’s it for the whole fam damily being together for a while.  I wish Eric could have been here, too, but he’s back to working a lot of overtime, and that’s a good thing.

DSC_0038 (1)

Saturday luncheon…

The rain is relentless, gloomy, and, err,  wet…    The gardening I can do is minimal and the house is clean enough, so how’s a girl to entertain herself?

Planning trips is always a good time,  and that’s what I’m up to this week.  Next week I will babysit Olivia and Samantha for three 10-hour days, and the following week we’ll take off for the Sangre de Cristo mountain range via Rte. 66.

Pretty exciting, eh?   In the meantime, I will be taking a break from “live” posting, and presenting “The Best of Sonnystone”, reblogging some of your favorite posts from the last 5 years.

I’ll be back after Labor Day, revived and ready to share my adventures with you.

Happy Trails to y’all.  Peace Out.

Camp compendium

It’s been a wonderful 2 weeks of Camp Sonnystone…make-it-and-bake-it, painting canvasses and birdhouses, tie-dying, music, and baking cookie-pops.  After we finished up all of our crafts, we visited the zoo and the museum, played mini-golf, and learned how to bet the horses at Ellis Park.  …  Here’s a look back…

At the Zoo…

Cookie Pops


Singing and Dancing…

Every year we make a sign with our handprints on it…actually, not mine…  Last year we used Samantha’s footprint, but this year she thinks she’s a Big Girl, so we had her dip her hand in paint just like the Big Girls Do…

Our Theme this year was Dream.  Our motto was “If you can dream it, you can do it” (Walt Disney).  The new sign joined the other years’ efforts:  Peace, Love, and Joy.

Our Theme song is always the Camp Sonnystone Welcome Song, but we added a couple of new ones:  When you Wish Upon a Star, accompanied by piano.  From our handy-dandy YouTube, we added a couple of songs that required creative choreography:  Hall of Fame (The Script), and Try Everything (Shakira).

I love sharing Music and Dancing with the Kids.  Keeps me young… Except I threw my back out on Friday and am spending a bit of time each day with my heating pad and some ibuprofen…

Dance on, Friends….

Eric: The Epilogue

I guess it will always be the Year-that-Eric-got-cancer, and it’s been a long rough-patch.  The days since March, 2015 have been fraught with temptation to fear, piled with prayers for mercy and healing, and full of gratitude as friends have shared our woes and lightened the burden.

Eric is Now (as of 6/23) not Just Cancer-Free, but Officially Finished with All his treatments.  That’s 17 rounds of chemotherapy, a rare adult who made it through All of the prescribed infusions.   That’s one surgery to remove 3 rays of his left foot with associated wound-healing complications.  That’s one bout of Sepsis following the final chemo treatment.  That’s 25 radiation treatments, burning his foot till it resembled Peking Duck and temporarily putting him back on crutches.  That’s about enough, isn’t it?

I want to use all of my eloquence to describe my son-in-law, but superlatives sound so shallow:  fantastic father!  great husband!  caring friend!   He is all of that and always has been, but adding !cancer survivor! misses the truth.  He was determined, often grimly, motivated by his daughters to stand up to whatever the cure required.  It has made him a deeper, stronger soul…

I’m reminded of these verses from the poem, Invictus by William Ernest Henley:

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

I really think a celebration is in order.  Let’s get it started this Independence Day weekend—set off a bottle rocket, or light a sparkler, or maybe even throw one of those cherry bombs in Eric’s Honor.  Toast him with your favorite beverage!

You Really are a Rockstar, Eric! You did it!  It’s Over!  You are so loved and admired!



An early birthday party…

I’ll be out of town on Olivia’s birthday, May 9, so we celebrated Tuesday…

We picked O up from school and headed straight to Toys R Us.   She knew exactly what she wanted…Shopkins!  That’s her Thing…


Right next door is Gattitown, quickly becoming my favorite place to play.  The Jrs. met us there…  We feasted and played till our cards were emptied and Olivia had earned 200 points.  That wasn’t quite enough to get her pick of the junk they offer, but the worker-fella let her have the Yoda Pez anyway.

There is a birthday party at Skate World planned for Saturday and I’m sorry to miss it, but I’d probably break a hip, anyway.  I am so proud of her, and she knows it.  It will be a busy month for us after my return–she has a piano recital, a dance recital, and school is over the 19th (whaa??)

The grandkids are growing up so fast…  We’re just going round and round and round in the circle game (thanks-you, Joni)…


Week-end Wrap-up…with Eric update…

One day gray and rainy, the next day green and shiny…that’s how the last week has gone.  Just in time to water my beans and peas, down came torrential rains.  The grass was nearly a foot tall when Casey got out there to mow today.  I won’t complain, though…I love Green…

DSC_0017 (2)

I’m going to wait until I return from NYC to plant the vegetables…  I fly out of EVV this trip, leaving this Thursday and just in time for Grandparents’ Day Celebrations at the EE’s school on Friday.  I love being fete’d… Of course, that Saturday is the Derby and Sunday is Mother’s Day, so it should be non-stop festivities.   The girls have that Monday off, so we can sneak away to a museum or the park or Shake Shack…

In case you haven’t heard, my son-in-law was hospitalized on Friday with sepsis.  He was nearly in shock…that’s serious, folks.  We were just rejoicing that his chemo was finished—all 17 rounds!  he made it!—but his immune system hasn’t even begun to recover.  Luckily, they got him to the hospital in time.

Here’s Melissa’s latest update:  5/1/16 5pm EST:

          Update, so y’all are in-the-know: things are decidedly less dire than they were on Friday. He’s still on the antibiotic drip for SEPSIS, but all his labs are trending back in the right direction. Although the patient would prefer to come home and convalesce surrounded by his girls, he’ll likely be in hospital a few more days. Unfortunately, they’re also concerned that he may have shingles, so he’s been mildly quarantined until the lab results come back tomorrow. *big sigh* …. Thank you all for your love, prayers, messages, and warm wishes; it makes a world of difference, and we’re grateful for all of you. xx

So there will be more celebrating to do when I get to the Big Apple, though I may have to drink for two if Eric’s still under-the-weather…   I’ll do my best, as you know.

Everything else has just been the gettin-ready stuff…I can hardly wait to get there…



Looking for the perfect birthday gift?

Yes, it’s my birthday, and I’m grateful, and somewhat amazed, that I’m still going strong.  There have been some rough patches, but my life has been pretty charmed.  I have so much–health, wealth, and wisdom–and I’m stocked up with material goods, as well.

There’s nothing I need, but if you’re looking to show me some love today, would you please consider donating to Eric’s Medical Fund?  He’s got 3 more rounds of chemo to go, and then he’ll be able to grow some white blood cells…and hair.

Thank-you to all who have reached out to help my daughter and her family as they have endured this past year.  We couldn’t have made it without you.  Seriously, we couldn’t have made it without you.  You are the greatest friends ever.

Eric’s Medical Fund

eric and girls