Fam, beach, & car trouble

I would have stayed in Melbourne much longer, but it’s that Snowbird infestation that snaps up all the good campgrounds.  The closest we could stay was here at space coast rv in Rockledge and it is not our style at all, with narrow alleys between crammed-in sites.  The cost is waayy more than it’s worth, and the wi-fi is extra!  We are in this particular area mostly because my Aunt Shirley lives here, very close to her daughter-caregiver, my beautiful cousin, Kim.

We spent Thursday afternoon with Aunt Shirley, took her to the grocery store, and enjoyed a little chicken together.  Kim came by and we followed her home and the evening flew by, jabbering and yacking and doing a Whole Lot of Laughing!  I love that girl! And her daughter, Shianne, too!  And her son, Jon-Jon!  We had a blast…

The next morning, we were heading down to the beach and as soon as we started the car we noticed it was running really bumpy, missing a beat kind-of.  We turned around, went to an Autozone near our camp and did a diagnostic scan: #3 cylinder mis-fire.  Back at the trailer, Casey got under the hood and found a hose was dripping antifreeze right on that spark plug.  He walked over to the Lowe’s right behind us and bought a hose clamp, put it on and tightened everything.  We proceeded to take a Test Drive down to Melbourne Beach…

The hose clamp stopped the leaking, but the mis-fire continues and will until we can get back home…  We drove by Aunt Shirley’s and gave her (and her dog, Leo) another hug.  Back at the trailer, we started to ready for leaving.

We toured a campground that is just what we are looking for — perfect location, lots of trees, and space between the sites.  Our current plan is make Melbourne our March home in 2019, maybe forever.  I really like it here!!

We’re leaving about 10:30, driving the 1.5hours to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, where we’ll be staying for a week.  The Jose’ family will be arriving Sunday morning and we’ll be there to greet them and kick off another Great Disney Adventure.


Here and gone…

It’s been a nice stay here at Quail Roost.  It feels like we have driven into Springtime, with the weather rather whimisical and windy, temps down to 40 and up to 77, but mostly upper 60’s.

We waited so long to make reservations that we didn’t have a lot of choices.   Catering to “active seniors”, QR has a nice, heated pool, regular bingo and line-dancing, as well as a wii-bowling league…   It’s in the country, you could say, about 7 miles from Crystal River right off a busy highway.  We were placed out near the road– and it was a Loud Road–under some trees and without neighbors on 2 sides.  We did spot some active seniors playing shuffleboard and walking their dogs, but no one did more than wave.  >sigh of relief<

We visited Crystal River Preserve State Park a couple of times, taking different trails.  They are just my style: 2-3 miles and level!  It has taken me a while to appreciate the scrubby Florida landscape, and I still don’t like having to be on alligator watch, but these were some nice trails…

Right next door to the trail park is the Crystal River Archaeological SP, and it is a gem.  A Native American Pre-Columbian Ceremonial Mound Complex, it is so peaceful and the ground feels quite sacred… We walked the 50 steps to the top of the Temple Mound and could imagine the rituals performed there as the People watched from the Plaza.  I believe it was some sort of ancestor worship, but am interested in learning more about these people who lived here until about 600 AD.

There is even a little beach, part of the State Park…

Of course, the big draw is the manatees…  We took the trolley from City Hall to Three Sisters Springs and saw over 100 of the sea cows.  They were resting, spooning just under the water and coming up for breath at odd intervals.  Three Sisters is also beautiful and a lovely walk…  (the trolley also made stops at various local markets and shops.)

I did some cooking on my new grill and we ate out a couple of times.  We had one rainy day, so we did laundry and cleaned the trailer.  It’s been so relaxing…

Today we’re hitching up and setting out for the Other Coast to visit some beaches and family.  The “resort” where we will be staying is another that caters to the active seniors, but we’re more interested in one that caters to the Inactive Seniors…


Where we’ve been…so far

We spent Monday and Tuesday at Presnell’s Bayside Marina and RV Resort in Port Saint Joe, FL.  Our site faced due west over St. Joseph Bay, with Cape San Blas and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park providing a lovely border for a beautiful sunset…

We drove over to the state park the next day and walked the beach…

…then made it into town for some good grub at Indian Pass Uptown Raw Bar and Grill just as it started to rain…

It proceeded to blow and rain all afternoon…but there was a little clearing just before sunset…

I really loved the view over the water, but the winds were fierce that night and I got a little, er, scared that the camper was going to blow away… It could happen, you know…

It was still blowing pretty strong the next morning when we hooked back up, but calmed down as we drove down scenic highway US 98 to where we are now at Quail Roost RV Park in Citrus Springs.  It’s chilly, but that means the manatees will be coming into the springs in abundance!  I’ll let you know.



The Gettin’ Ready Rag

That’s us, gettin’ ready for the Sunday departure.  Lists, Lists, trips to the trailer laden with supplies, mark it off the list, make a new list…  Then we stop and dance…  We got new haircuts, new shoes, and don’t forget the new grill!  Then we stop and dance…

When planning for a long trip, it’s Really Difficult to Be Present.  I’ve been watching the weather at our destinations and it’s gone from sunny to rainy, though temps are about what we expected.  I was hit with an attack of self-doubt, like oh, no!  Rain! Bad Planner!  Well, watcha gonna do about it, I say?  I’ve got a raincoat, an umbrella and even some boots, if needed.  And I’ve never watched it rain on the ocean, so that will be a new view from the camper window.

And that, fellow trippers, is what it’s about:   Looking out of a different window, seeing something new, and being There in the Here and Now!

In the meantime, It’s just a typical Friday at Sonnystone–Samantha at noon and Olivia at 3:15, then off to piano lessons.   Olivia’s Girl Scout Troop is selling cookies at Shoe Carnival if you’re in the market.  They’ll be there from 5-8 or so.

The Sun is shining brightly and our daffodil buds are bursting into dazzling yellow.  Rain is good, though the last few weeks have been a little too waterlogged, even up here on the hill.  Looks like all of the roses are going to make it, which pleases me immensely.  That’s here, now.




This has been about the least sparkly birthday I’ve had in recent memory.  I blame the poison rum (we didn’t even drink that much), but we have been draggy all week-end.  Could be the fact that there has been No Sunshine Just Rain and the associated gloom that goes with gray clouds and a pelting, pouring rain that started the opening lines of The Cat in the Hat looping through my brain…

the sun did not shine.
it was too wet to play.
so we sat in the house
all that cold, cold, wet day.

i sat there with casey.
we sat there, we two
and I said, "how i wish
we had something to do"
too wet to go out
and too cold to play ball.
so we sat in the house.
we did nothing at all.

so all we could do was to
and we did not like it.
not one little bit.  
                             (But there was no bump, that made us jump...)

All of this slo-o-o-w nothing has moved us to get moving.  We’ve changed up our travel plans and will be leaving next Sunday for various and sundry places in Florida.  We had planned on leaving by the 8th anyway, but why wait?  Did I mention it’s Dullsville around here?  I’m neck-deep in planning and we’ve been doing some re-arranging of the trailer, upgrading our shower, organizing the bathroom, preparing for a longer trip.  I’m so excited to get gone.

Yesterday we met up with the Jrs. at Gattitown to celebrate Samantha’s birthday with them and some of my daughter-in-law’s family! Rain does not stop the fun there and we had a great time…

Today the sun is out! We’re outside and loading up the camper..!

Instead of switching over to my travelblog, I’m going to make Sonnystone the Trailer Trippers, so All of my regular readers can share our trip with us. Stay tuned!



You say it’s your birthday?

It’s my birthday, too!  We’re gonna have a good time…well, at my advanced age I should have been more suspicious of the spiced rum that was marked down to $6.89…should have kept to the original purpose of buying some bacardi because it rhymes with party and not decided to knock back  Monkey brand.  But I am cheap and adventurous, so I had to sleep it off until 10:30 this morning.   So begins Birthday Week!

This year’s top present —  ta-da !!

Yes, folks, it’s a Coleman Roadtrip XLE portable grill!  And it’s red !!   Just what I wanted.

For this most auspicious occasion, I will share with you a poem, as I am wont to do on this annual celebration.  After an evening spent reading through my poetry collection (Dewey Decimal category 821),  I selected this from “The Shadow of Sirius”.

Still Morning

by W.S. Merwin

It appears now that there is only one

age and it knows

nothing of age as the flying birds know

nothing of the air they are flying through

or of the day that bears them up

through themselves

and I am a child before there are words

arms are holding me up in a shadow

voices murmur in a shadow

as I watch one patch of sunlight moving

across the green carpet

in a building

gone long ago and all the voices

silent and each word they said in that time

silent now

while I go on seeing that patch of sunlight

Secondary to the above-mentioned hangover, I will save my philosophizing for another day, when I have time to share all my wisdom and wit.  I’ve got to pick up Samantha and get my playing started.   Thanks for your well-wishes!



Happy Birthday, Samantha Lynn Mayne Casey!!

Today is the #3 birthday of my #4 grandie…

Fridays at noon, I pick up Samantha for a play-date.  We have a Happy Meal and play until it’s time to pick up Sissy (#2 grandie) from school.  We play Paw Patrol, sing Mickey Mouse, and make a tent over the piano for our dollies.   (I’m so grateful I can get up and down from the floor again!)…3-year-olds are the Best at playing!

After we pick up Sissy tomorrow, we’re going to B&N to cash in our Birthday Coupons!  Saturday we’ll have a Big Party at Gattitown!   I will take pictures, you can bet.

Happiness radiates through this little one’s eyes and straight to my heart.  I love you, Samantha!  Happy Birthday!