Just one more thing…

I’m picking up the Jr girls at 11 and we’re off to the mall and other adventures, but I just have one comment on the Platinum Jubilee and the Royal Family…

Harry and Meghan are seriously mental and their decision to leave the Royal Family was based on the belief that they would be able to make more money by capitalizing on their association with them — note she still calls herself a Duchess. When that didn’t materialize and Prince Charles cut them out of his payroll as Duke of Cornwall, their revenge interview with Oprah was full of lies — 17 of them proven to be outright porkies. The Queen’s response that “recollections may vary” is as close as it gets to the RF calling them out. They filed several lawsuits, one against the Queen’s own government for extra security, and refused to come to Prince Philip’s funeral, further hurting Her Majesty.

But they still play off of their royal connection here in America where they maintain a fan club who call anyone who despises them like I do a racist. I hate that and it’s hurts the cause of fighting true racism in our country and the UK. They are seriously unpopular in UK, and disliked by about 67% of Americans, last poll…

Still, they continue to pull stunts like her showing up in Uvalde the day after the shootings, like she represents anybody or anything other than Narcissism. She truly makes me sick.

I’m not going to defend Harry, but he’s very mentally unstable (a fact that the RF covered up for years) and I believe he is abused by her at the same time that he preaches at the rest of the world to get help… And did he Ever acknowledge the Queen’s Jubilee and Thank her for her service — no…

So they got their come-uppance at the Jubilee. They had not coordinated with the Family regarding plans for the many engagements that Senior Royals were attending (Princess Anne was in charge). They did not bring their children to the Trooping the Colour when they could have met all their cousins and Aunts and Uncles, instead having a “birthday party” for their daughter-with-the-stolen-name on Saturday when All of the other Royals were either in Wales, the Epsom Derby, Northern Ireland, and Cornwall — arrangements made well in advance of the Harkles decision to attend.

About that decision: HMTQ ordered them to let her meet her great-grandchildren and they were informed that there would be No Pictures of the event, though it appears there was an official Royal Photographer present to take pictures that Belong to The Queen, not for commercialization. They actually tried to bring in their own photographers, even after being Told not to — that’s who took the pictures they released today.

After they were booed at St. Paul’s on Friday, and seated far away from the Senior Royals, they disappeared, unable to face the public. That’s the smartest decision they’ve made in a while–or was it mandated to them?

Since all the families were present in the room where they made their cameo appearance alongside the Tindall and Phillips children, it must have been icy in there. The next morning they were summoned to see Prince Charles before heading out to St. Paul’s and I believe it was him who let them know they should stay home for the rest of their visit. If you watched as closely as I did, you would see the cousins Blank them at St. Paul’s.

Anyway, today a photo was released of their daughter and she’s a cute little thing, but poor Archie hasn’t been seen full-face in years now… I’m sure they’re jealous that All the other Royals brought their kids and had a great time at the Party and the Pageant, so could hardly wait to get back to America and get their PR machine rolling again — and the darling little girl is certainly a palate cleanser.

I feel so sorry for Archie and Lily…they could have been part of that rambunctious group of cousins, just like Harry was when he was growing up. When will Harry’s therapists finally convince him that living with a narcissist is unhealthy for him and the kids?

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I gotta go. Just wanted to put my 2cents worth in…


It was the 3rd of June,

Another sleepy, dusty Delta day…mama hollered out the back door, y’all, remember to wipe your feet!
And then she said, I got some news this mornin’ from Choctaw Ridge
Today, Billy Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge

Where were you when you got the news? It was 1967 and ever since I heard I’ve wondered just what happened.

Bobbie Gentry, who wrote and performed the song, said regarding what happened at Choctaw Ridge: “I left it open so the listener could draw his own conclusion.”

The song was #3 on the Billboard Charts for 1967 which explains why it is ingrained in our brains; it’s a good song, but disc jockeys must have been playing on a loop to win out over songs like Light my Fire, Groovin’, Soul Man, and even Respect! Bobbie Gentry quit performing in the 70s, so we could consider her a 1-hit wonder, unless you give her this loophole: She wrote “Fancy”, copied by Reba McIntyre in 1990, which has brought her millions in royalties over the years — more than she made off of the Ode.

Just thought you’d want to give a thought to Billie Joe McAllister today…

I’m still watching The Royals, the Party goes on!


The Sunday Scoop

IWe had our first snow of the year on Thursday! Accompanied by bitter cold, I was snug as a bug in a rug, watching the birds flock to the feeders.

Just the day before the temperatures dropped, we had to spray the house for fleas! Our venerable cat, Wink, had been declining ever since our return from Disney World in October. We noticed he was scratching and licking himself a lot, but mostly that he was just sleeping all the time and stalking me, meowing to be rubbed and petted constantly. I thought it might be dry skin and old age, but after a couple of weeks I got some flea bites on my ankles and raised the alarm. We were still unsure and a bit afraid to spray him when he was doing all that licking, so we got him a flea collar, but he continued to seem skinnier and more lethargic. He’s 17-years-old, so it’s easy to blame old age and we did. However, Casey finally got some flea bites and took matters to hand. We put the Winkster in the laundry room and bombed the whole house, then sprayed him down real good. He’s a new man and back into trouble, knocking over plants trying to get to the birds outside. I figure he’s got several more years in him…

I’m in a quandary regarding my Trip in June for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I seriously don’t want to miss it, but if UK keeps its quarantine requirements in place, I don’t know. This trip has been cancelled and rescheduled three times since I originally booked it in 2019. All of the $$, both hotel and airline charges, have been credited to me, so the money is spent and I want to use it. I’m going to contact the hotel, Queens Gate in Kensington, and see what they recommend. I am so over the Covid — still wearing my mask, ready to be boosted prn, practice social distancing, but we have to learn to live with the fact that we might get sick. I suppose that if HM The Queen can show up for the Jubilee, then I definitely should, but quarantining for two days of a 5-day trip doesn’t sound fun.

Casey has an abscessed tooth and is as lazy as Wink right now. That’s rare, so I’m enjoying it…for a while. We’re starting Phase I of a kitchen remodel, so he needs to rest up and get back to it!!!

Hope your next week is a good one!


The Sunday Scoop

It seems like forever since I bid you adieu. It felt like a good time to step away from the entire internet thing, go outside and clear my mind of the slime. I hoped to bring myself back to earth, focus on the Now. So I did, sort of.

It was late August when I changed my ways and I threw myself into the garden harvest, as well as pruning and moving shrubs around. By mid-September we were able to pull away from it and take a trip.

Casey has been steadily improving our campervan, Goldie, so we were anxious to take her on the road and try out our new canopies and storage. The Smokies is one of our go-to places, particularly Townsend, TN, “the peaceful side of The Smokies”; it’s only a 6-hour drive and it sits at the Cades Cove Entrance to the National Park. I managed to snag a riverside campsite for a couple of nights and we tooled on down, even though we knew that it was going to rain. Rain it did, damn near the entire time we were there. Because we were able to set up during a dry spell, it was a great test of our new awnings. It rained and rained and rained some more. We spent most of our time sitting watching the Little River flowing around the rocks, changing with every downpour. We watched squirrels and birds and walked around the campground watching people when we could. The last evening the skies began to clear, revealing a full moon rising above the mountains. The next morning the sun slowly rose in the same spot.

It’s always nice to come back home even if the trip is short and we got busy with the garden again. We’ve put a rock path from our Edible Garden to the firepit. The view is still weird since our neighbor dug a pond last summer and it’s only half full. By mid-October we were done, so we traveled down to Disney for bit. It was an impulsive trip, trying out something I’d been mulling for a while. We spent two nights camping in Goldie at Fort Wilderness and then moved over to our “home” motel, Pop Century; doubtful we’ll do that again as you lose a day making the move, even though they are only 15 minutes apart. From Fort Wilderness you can take a quick boat ride to Magic Kingdom; we wanted to see the new Castle Wrap and Fireworks. We had some inside information that Disney allows 100 people to watch the show from the top of the train station and we managed to be the first people up there! The next day we moved over to Pop; from there it’s a 15 minute skyliner ride to Epcot where we rode the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (very cool). We’d never been over to the Boardwalk, which is just a nice boat ride from Epcot’s exit. It was lovely. As we returned, the full moon rose over Epcot.

All this time, I missed the blog. I did publish some genealogy stuff and have done a lot of research (so much for staying off the internet). I started planning a comeback a couple of weeks ago, hoping to give the site a whole new life, but was feeling a little shy. This is it, though. I’ll just upgrade my media space and slowly work on deleting any unnecessary photos and Sonnystone.com ought to be good for another ten years… We’re back!

Just in time for the holidays…


Sunday Rerun: Derby Days

Finishing up the Loooooooong month of April was quick…!bam! it was the First Saturday in May, aka Derby Day in the Casey Family.  It was the Best Weather for a Derby we’ve had in years, but No bets were placed, no hats were donned, and no Juleps were consumed.  We did tune in to watch the Virtual race of past Triple Crown winners, won by Secretariat with Seattle Slew right behind.  With the Derby rescheduled for early September, we’re still a bit leery of the idea of such a large group gathering, but it would be nice…

Instead of preaching to you about wearing a mask (please do) and physical distancing (stay 6 feet away from me), I want to relive the Kentucky Derby…

Here’s a rerun of reruns from the 2018 Derby!

Blather & Balderdash

It’s that Magical Time of Year — Derby fever has been raging in Louisville, KY for 2 weeks and we now have the field set and can make bets beginning tomorrow.

It looks as though Eville is going to have decent weather on Saturday with a.m. clouds/p.m. sun and highs in the 70’s,  in stark contrast to my report in  2013 Coldest Derby Ever  

I shared with you in  2015 – It’s Derby Week-end how befuddled I become when betting The Run for the Roses, but I’m a little less confused than usual this year.  (2015 was the American Pharoah year, so the decision seems easy, now.)

In 2016, I was visiting NYC on Derby Week-end…

Eliza’s Derby Hat 2016 NYC

Around these parts, we have a Real Kentucky Thoroughbred Racetrack, Ellis Park, 10 miles away, but Manhattan lacks such amenities.  I discovered TwinSpires, the Official online wagering…

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Ghosts of birthdays Past — 2005+2007

The first birthday that I blogged was in 2005, when I visited NYC to experience the Christo and Jeanne-Claude exhibit, The Gates.. The exhibit ran from February 12, 2005 through February 27, 2005.  According to Christo’s web site, all told, 7,503 individual gates were installed.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime…  We had been to see Emmylou Harris and Vince Gill perform on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville the night before I flew out.  While in New York, I was feted with Magnolia cupcakes and a trip to the Metropolitan Opera…


I have shared that year with you before, but no one read it…  Looking back on the old blog posts from the 2004-2009 Primitive Platform, I cringe.  I apologize for not capitalizing.  The pictures are dark and I can’t zoom on them.  But it’s what we’ve got..

The old Sonnystone chronicled a 2007 birthday party that I had with my sister, her kids, and grandkids and my cousin, her daughter and grand-daughter…

First posted February 23, 2007…

54 and there’s so much more….

— TheBug @ 9:09 pm

it was a rainy, thundery, gloomy day outside, but inside it was warm and fun, even funny, thanks to my wonderful family.  my camera seems to give everybody “devil” eyes, but we’re really more angelic than we look in these pictures.

we finished with a rousing game of “stick the tail on the donkey” and everyone won!

thanks again…i love you all.



That’s the kind of birthday party I’m planning for “our burday” on Saturday with Samantha.  I still have the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game!  Ariel and the Little Mermaid is our theme and we have hats for everyone!









Ghosts of birthdays Past — 2013

On my 60th birthday, Eric, Emma, and Eliza just happened to be visiting his mom in Indianapolis.  The Jrs. were only a threesome at the time, and they rode with us to the Broad Ripple Brew House where we had a small celebration.  My twin-cousin,  Ronna, sent me the tiara and wine glass, which I kept filled…

First posted on February 23, 2013…

#60 day 1

I’ll write some pithy eloquence later…a picture is worth a thousand words…



And a Great Birthday was had by all…