Growing Every Season

The rains have loosened the leaves’ grip on the tree branches, forcing their Fall. There’s more precip on the way, too, but when that’s moved out and the sun has moved in, we’re scheduled for our first hard frost.

We have already prepared a cart with plants to over-winter and they’ll be put in the shed soon.

Everything else will be on its own — some will die, others will just hibernate until spring.

Check out how big the banana tree got this year! Sadly, it’s too close to our fence, so we’ll try to move it next year. These trees put out babies constantly and spread like crazy. I’m not sure they will survive the transplant and not sure where to move them, so that will be something to mull this winter.

I brought in the Thyme and Basil the other day. I’ve never been good at growing herbs indoors, but this thyme is too pretty to harvest. The long stalks of the basil are going to be cut and used for pesto, but I’ll try to keep the smaller, younger plant growing.

Since there’s not much to report about gardening these days, I’m going to switch up my Thursday blog post to Rave On, MadWoman. You may have met the MadWoman before and she’s anxious to spout off — I mean, share her perspective. She can get a little annoying sometimes, to say nothing of her short attention span, so occasionally I’ll substitute a little bit I call Photo Synthesis.

It will all be right here at The News from Sonnystone Acres, your one-stop source of drivel…

Keep on Growing…

Autumn Garden Journal #2

Yesterday I slept in, lulled back to sleep by the relentless rain.  It carried on all day and by mid-afternoon had morphed into a Big Wind that littered the ground with branches and leaves. We had some Strong Gusts and I’m curious to see if any trees came down in the woods.   By sunset, we could see the sun and today should be okay.

These pictures were taken Friday, Before the Storm…

The roses are blooming away.  The purple coneflower is still a bird-magnet.

All that’s left of the edible garden:  Pineapple Sage and Asparagus ferns.

The birds have been frolicking in the bird bath. I so enjoyed watching that I didn’t catch a shot of them splashing around…

It’s predicted that Jack Frost will arrive to paint our trees their best oranges, reds, and yellows on Halloween.  I love his work and the trees are primed…

Keep on Growing…

Falling for Fall

The weather is chilly with bright sunshine and last night’s Full Moon was spectacular.

Though my foot is still tender (it was a bad sprain) I’m up and at the decorating and gardening.  A lot of Time has been spent Being Here Now — watching the birds, going about my chores, and taking time to prop up my feet.


I haven’t felt like writing and I apologize for my absence.  These last few months have been physically challenging but mentally strengthening. The former is fading as the healing of the tendons and ligaments progresses.    The latter is not easy to discuss…  I just feel Free…

That Freedom is currently manifesting itself by being outside.  Tugged along by the Autumn changes, I’m walking through crunchy leaves, feeling the pull of the season from hot and green to cool and orange, My usual cardinals have now been joined by migrating birds at the feeders and bath.  I’m too busy Watching to take very many pictures, but I’m sure that will pick up since I got out the Nikon.



A Lovely Day in Autumn

I take Olivia to piano lessons every Saturday and her little sister always wants to tag along, which is fine with us.  We go various places for lunch afterward and today we went to the mall. The Christmas decorations are not up yet (thank-you-very-much) but a seasonal toy store has popped up and the the kids were like…uh, kids in a toystore??

This picture was taken at Justice, not a toystore, but filled with goodies…

Back home, the sun shining on the trees beckoned us to walk down the path…  We call our woods Solla Sollew and our little ditch is the River Wahoo.  The dropping temps did quick work of coloring the leaves, but the rains cut short their stay on the branches.  Now they have have covered the path with a mosaic of orange, yellow, and red while the green still peeps out from beneath.

I walk in wonder at the beauty of Autumn.

Don’t forget to change your clocks back tonight…What a delusional idea daylight savings time is…As if we are adding or taking away or moving hours…   I’ve worked third shift on the transition night and I assure you that the hour that is added is an hour, but the hour you take away is not.  Just make all your hours golden and you’re good…



the stroll before the storm

It’s too hot for November…a cold front is predicted to clash with this heat and mix up some storms tonight.  Already the wind is blowing the leaves off of the trees like golden orange snow.  Setting the time back meant that we were up early this morning without any effort at all, so we headed over to the Audubon Wetlands trails to scrunch through the leaves and see if we spotted any wildlife.  We didn’t, but it was a fine walk…


Flea Market Fotos

Autumn was at its best this week-end with beaming sunshine, blue skies, and temperate temperatures.

Saturday morning we picked up Olivia and visited the Antique and Collectibles show at the 4H.


Not pictured:  I picked up 4 Barbies $1 each, because a girl can’t have too many Barbies.  I let Olivia take one home with her and kept the other 3 for myself…yes, myself…sort of.

Hope you’re enjoying Autumn in your neck of the woods!