Christmas Kick-off !!!

Yesterday morning we had Breakfast with Santa at Gattitown with The Jrs.  Samantha, or as she calls herself, “Amanty”, was much friendlier to Santa this year.  We ate some decent food, played unlimited games, gave our lists to Santa and listened to him read a story.




Later that afternoon, Olivia and her little sister came over and decorated the tree…


Let the festivities begin!!

We’re outside today with no jacket, pretending like this is going to last… One more day, anyway… Snow predicted for the end of the week!  That will match our Christmas mood better, though..!






It happens every year…

It’s Husband’s birthday today–63 years old.  I have done so much gushing about him on this blog that you already know that I am rather fond of him.

Happy Birthday, Michael Ray Casey!  And Many More!

To my Dear and Loving Husband

A Poem by Anne Bradstreet

If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were lov’d by wife, then thee.
If ever wife was happy in a man,
Compare with me, ye women, if you can.
I prize thy love more than whole Mines of gold
Or all the riches that the East doth hold.
My love is such that Rivers cannot quench,
Nor ought but love from thee give recompetence.
Thy love is such I can no way repay.
The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.
Then while we live, in love let’s so persever
That when we live no more, we may live ever.


(I am on my way to the chiropractor…is it my back or my hip?  We will soon know.  Way to celebrate, huh?)


Wrapping it Up…

Melissa surprised Emma and Eliza on Friday ,  swooping them up and flying them home on Sunday.  I miss them, especially in the mornings, but we were essentially out of activities, and they wanted to be home on their Dad’s birthday yesterday.   We had a big dinner on Saturday here at the ‘Stone, ate a nice breakfast at Denny’s on Sunday morning, and that’s it for the whole fam damily being together for a while.  I wish Eric could have been here, too, but he’s back to working a lot of overtime, and that’s a good thing.

DSC_0038 (1)

Saturday luncheon…

The rain is relentless, gloomy, and, err,  wet…    The gardening I can do is minimal and the house is clean enough, so how’s a girl to entertain herself?

Planning trips is always a good time,  and that’s what I’m up to this week.  Next week I will babysit Olivia and Samantha for three 10-hour days, and the following week we’ll take off for the Sangre de Cristo mountain range via Rte. 66.

Pretty exciting, eh?   In the meantime, I will be taking a break from “live” posting, and presenting “The Best of Sonnystone”, reblogging some of your favorite posts from the last 5 years.

I’ll be back after Labor Day, revived and ready to share my adventures with you.

Happy Trails to y’all.  Peace Out.

An early birthday party…

I’ll be out of town on Olivia’s birthday, May 9, so we celebrated Tuesday…

We picked O up from school and headed straight to Toys R Us.   She knew exactly what she wanted…Shopkins!  That’s her Thing…


Right next door is Gattitown, quickly becoming my favorite place to play.  The Jrs. met us there…  We feasted and played till our cards were emptied and Olivia had earned 200 points.  That wasn’t quite enough to get her pick of the junk they offer, but the worker-fella let her have the Yoda Pez anyway.

There is a birthday party at Skate World planned for Saturday and I’m sorry to miss it, but I’d probably break a hip, anyway.  I am so proud of her, and she knows it.  It will be a busy month for us after my return–she has a piano recital, a dance recital, and school is over the 19th (whaa??)

The grandkids are growing up so fast…  We’re just going round and round and round in the circle game (thanks-you, Joni)…


Week-end Wrap-up

I had expected such an early Easter to be chilly, but I was happily wrong.  Spring was on its best behavior!  Yesterday we celebrated with the Jrs–tons of food (that we’re still eating) and a short egg hunt for the kiddos…

We worked outside all day, clearing down through the woods.  I am thrilled that I have uncovered a Gnome Home.  I pulled a lot of vines away from the door, and I’m pretty sure it will attract some of those healing, benevolent fairy-creatures soon.

Perfect Home for a Gnome...

Perfect Home for a Gnome…

I’m flying out to NYC on Tuesday to spend a bit of the EE’s Spring Break with them.  Nothing is really planned for the trip, but we always find fun together.

I hope your Easter week-end was Peaceful and that the week ahead is full of the same…

Looking for the perfect birthday gift?

Yes, it’s my birthday, and I’m grateful, and somewhat amazed, that I’m still going strong.  There have been some rough patches, but my life has been pretty charmed.  I have so much–health, wealth, and wisdom–and I’m stocked up with material goods, as well.

There’s nothing I need, but if you’re looking to show me some love today, would you please consider donating to Eric’s Medical Fund?  He’s got 3 more rounds of chemo to go, and then he’ll be able to grow some white blood cells…and hair.

Thank-you to all who have reached out to help my daughter and her family as they have endured this past year.  We couldn’t have made it without you.  Seriously, we couldn’t have made it without you.  You are the greatest friends ever.

Eric’s Medical Fund

eric and girls


Catching my breath…

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged, and I feel a little guilty.  Facebook friends got to follow along on my Adventures in NYC, but here’s a review for my blog-friends:::

Thursday morning, 4:30am, drove through fog to drop off the car at Nashville airport.  Arrived LaGuardia 9:15 and made friends with the cab driver as we made the 20-minute drive to the Jose’ Casa.  That was probably the shortest (and cheapest) taxi ride of the whole trip.  Melissa and I headed over to the Dry Bar around noon and got ourselves all curled and blown, then picked up the kids from school and had supper.  Emma’s school Christmas program was at 7pm and it was delightful, as was the company at Cavatappo after the show.  Friday morning, Eric was off to chemo and Melissa had a photography job, so I got the kids off to school.  They only had a half-day, so I picked them up at noon.  I tried, really, to get Eliza to take a nap, as she has slept through the last 2 Rockettes shows, but Eliza was Not Tired.  We grabbed a cab to Radio City Music Hall, traffic was horrible, but we got there early enough to get our cotton candy/hats, and a picture with a Rockette (no line).  Eliza fell asleep at her usual time, just before the wooden soldiers…  Maybe next year.  Saturday was free, so we made movies, danced, and played the cupcake game.  That evening, Melissa, Emma, and I went to Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley’s last hurrah, or so he says.  Emma’s Irish Dance School had bought a group of tickets, so we met up for some drinks and food first.  The show was a little strange, kind of like Captain Eo, only less coherent;  the dancing, was superlative.  When Flatley appeared, as an “encore”, it was exhilarating.  We finished off the evening at the Heartland Brewery and took the loooongessst cab ride ever…honestly…home.  Sunday at 9am we had breakfast with Santa—more good company, and Eliza had a dance performance at noon…   Whew!  Sunday afternoon was about being together and Melissa fixed a fine meal.  I was up and out of there at 7am Monday for a 8:45am flight.  I noticed a little fog as we crossed the Triboro bridge (or whatever they call it now), but there was actually a Lot of fog.  8:45 flight cancelled, put on a 10:20 flight that included a stop in DC.  That one was cancelled and I got a flight out for 1:45.  They shuttled me to a different terminal and I hunkered down.   That flight was delayed, first to 2:30, the 3:20, finally 3:50.  I made some friends at the gate, then moseyed over to the bar and made a couple more.  We finally got out at 4:15 and I was conked out before we were in the air.  I woke up about a half-hour before landing collected my duds, picked up the car, and drove home.  I made record time driving, stopped a got a burger, and collapsed into bed by 10pm.

I hope you appreciate that I do all my own stunts…

The week after Eric has chemo (he has it every 3 weeks), he’s a little winded…to put it lightly.  He made it to all the kids’ performances, but deservedly rested as much as possible.   I do have some pictures of the entire family, but can’t seem to get them off of my phone…

I spent Tuesday getting back my land-legs, babysat Samantha on Wednesday, caught up with housework and errands on Thursday, bought the grandkids’ presents on Friday, got the snail-mail cards sent off today.  Now, are you sufficiently impressed?

Melissa and her family will be here the evening of the 26th, God-willing-and-the creeks-don’t-rise…  I am so grateful to have my family all together—twice in one year!!   Till then, let the baking begin…