Happy Birthday, sweet Samantha

This little gal has brought us So Much Joy in the past 5 years.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday together, riding our magic carpets, searching for treasures with our maps, wearing our crowns, laughing and singing.

We had a little pre-b-day party at McDonald’s (she picked her favorite) on Wednesday.

Being a Grandparent is the Best part of Aging…

  Love that I feel for them is like no other Love.  So Grateful for all Four of my Grand-daughters.



New York at Christmas

We had a Wonderful Trip to visit with the Jose’ Fam, arriving on Thursday, 12/12.  LaGuardia is a Mess while they’re completely renovating the buildings and roadways.  We had to take a bus to a taxi stand! The taxi ride was a creeper and set a record for highest fare I’ve ever paid for a taxi in New York.  But when we arrived we were met in the lobby by the Cutest, Sweetest, Smartest, and Best Irish Dancers Ever and the Fun was On.

Lots of time was spent talking, talking, catching up. We attended our 13th Annual Rockettes Christmas Spectacular on Saturday.  This year was the Most Spectacular of them all, too.

The weather was decent, so we could get some picures in front of The Tree…

After the show and some luncheon at Primi, Eliza and I went over to FAO and played on the Big piano.

Emma had a Big Surprise for me.  She had spotted a Pop-Up that would be some photo-ops and merchandise of a mystery person/group that she knew I really liked.  The girls and Eric kept the secret so well that they Seriously Fooled me into thinking it was Grateful Dead.  I was tickled pink when we pulled up and I saw it was The Beatles.

So much fun.  So much good food.  So much Love.

We arrived back at Sonnystone Tuesday on the smoothest flight I’ve had in a While.  Wink was all over me, begging for rubs and kisses and he slept with his head on my pillow that night.  The piano tuner was here yesterday,  so I’m ready for carols around the baby grand.

Samantha has her pre-school Christmas program today, where I’ll be infused with the Spirit of Christmas.  Just to top things off, my soul-sister, Kathy, is spending tonight with me before she returns to Iowa on Friday.  ‘

I’m chock-full of the Happies right now and sending you out Love.  Look for it…!



Old Man’s Birthday

It’s been 65 years since the world was gifted this most honorable Guy…

Happy Birthday, Love-of-My-Life!

May you live a Long Life Full of gladness and health,

with a pocket full of gold as the least of your wealth.

May the dreams you hold dearest, Be those which come true,

The kindness you spread, Keep returning to you.




Wednesday Morning in May

Every morning Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” is delivered to my inbox. From that newsletter, I  have become acquainted with so many poets who cheered me on my way each day and guided my choices for the Poetry section of my library (Dewey Decimal system 811 – 821)…

Today’s selection, by one of my favorite poets, inspired me to share it with you…


by W.S. Merwin 

Where I dug the logs into the rise
to make the steps along the valley
I forget how many years ago
their wood has dissolved completely now
disappearing into the curled slope
gone without my seeing it happen
while the green clouds of the trees have grown
above their mingled shadows
yet I set my feet down in the same
places I did when the steps were there
without even thinking about them
Father and Mother friend upon friend
what I remember of them now
footholds on the slope
in the silent valley this morning
Wednesday with few clouds and an east wind

“Footholds” by W.S. Merwin from The Moon Before Morning. © Copper Canyon Press, 2014. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)


Wrapping it All Up

It’s been a fun week of daily blogging here at The News.  I’m ready now to get back over to my ancestry blog and write about some of the research I’ve been doing, but I want to share one more ghost-post…

First posted February 24, 2014…

Or so it seems…

We had a great birthday week-end.  Thanks for your kind wishes.  Many of you are like me, scratching your head and asking, “where have the years gone?”  This poem says it better than I can…

Time Enough

The tally of years
added up so rapidly
it appeared I had
been short-changed,
tricked by sleight
of hand, fallen victim
to false bookkeeping.

Yet when I checked
my records, each
and every year had
been accounted for,
down to the last day,
and could be audited
against old diary entries
(client briefings,
dental check-ups,
parent-teacher meetings,
wedding anniversaries),
verified with credit
card statements
(multi-trip insurance,
antibiotics, concert bookings,
mobile top-ups).

And, although
nagging doubts
inkling that I had
been ripped off
in some way,
given short shrift,
made to live at an
accelerated pace,
rushed through
my routines with
unseemly haste—
nothing could be proved,
no hard and fast
statistics adduced.

I had, it seems,
unknown to me,
been living my
life to the full.

“Time Enough” by Dennis O’Driscoll, from Dear Life. © Copper Canyon Press. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

Onward to Spring..it’s only 24 days away!!


We’re going to uncover the travel trailer, aka Sonnystone2, this week.  Current plans are to leave for Florida in two weeks, which seems pretty soon, don’t you think?  On the other hand, it doesn’t seem soon enough to escape the dreary cold we’ve been experiencing.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!



Ghosts of birthdays Past — 2012

 I have always thought that the -9’s are the toughest: 39, facing 40; 49, facing 50…etc.  This blog, from my 59th birthday, when I should have been singing the bridge song, I was bummed to the core.  I had just noticed that decades were only lasting about, oh a year, maybe two…

First posted February 23, 2012 


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nothin’ to it, ya know?  add just one (1) and what’s the difference…really?  i’ve been doin’ it for years now…one more and grateful for it…glad to have my health…there’s a little bitta sag goin’ on, but i look goood for my age…lotsa people would want to be in my shape (so they tell me at walmart, driving the little scooters)…wouldn’t change a thing…glad to be so Wise…doesn’t Bother me AT ALL…


First birthdays first…

I planned to start Blogging Birthday Week yesterday in my Usual Sunday Wrap-up.  A beautiful oops! occurred and I ended up spending the day playing with Samantha while her Mom, Dad, and Sis worked a Girl Scout cookie booth over at Rural King.  We rode our Magic Carpets to Disney World using our maps.  She was full of music and wrote several songs, accompanying herself on the piano….I especially enjoyed “Do you wish you had red hair like me?”

We watched The Little Mermaid because Samantha had never seen it before and we are using Ariel as her birthday-party theme.  She took the phone on a picture-taking adventure around the house and she’s a pretty good little photographer.  I love seeing things from 3-feet-tall perspective.

Michael told me that when she got home she went straight to her room, lay down and took a nap!!  I did, too!!

When I checked my email post-nap, I got a notice from Ancestry.  I guess I didn’t put my Mom’s year of death on my tree.  They sent a “Happy Birthday to Ruby Mayne!” congratulating her on her 88th birthday, February 18, 2019… It kind of shocked me to see that she would be only 88.  I want to live to be 90 or so and by my way of thinking, she should still be here.  Her birthdays stopped at 71, not so far from my age, and I try not to think about that.  But I did think about it and it made me moody…and broody…and not at all inspired to write…

When I pulled out this picture, I thought of Samantha’s song… Mom’s hair never turned gray, staying a lovely strawberry blonde without any help from Clairol.  I think she would have joined right in singing, “Don’t you wish you had red hair like me”…

This was probably a birthday celebration with her Bridge Club. From l-r Marlene, Mom, Millie. I have no idea which birthday!!!

…I miss her every day…

So I didn’t get the Grand Opening of the 66th Birthday Celebration Week blogged, but it does seem appropriate to start the Week with a Celebration of Mom’s Life, too.  Here’s my 2013 post Happy Birthday, Mom…    

This week I will be re-blogging Past Birthdays, culminating in our Party on Saturday.  I hope you’ll enjoy these Blasts from the Past…


HB, Prince Charles !!

When I was 10 years old I saw a picture in the newspaper of Prince Charles…he was attending Gordonstoun, and I think he was wearing a kilt..  Nonetheless, I immediately fell in crush.  It seemed clear to me that the Royal Family needed an American to add some colour..(way ahead of my time).  I started a scrapbook, combing the magazines and newspapers for more pictures,  reading and writing up bios on every member of the Windsors.  I can still tell you, from memory, that his full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, that he is the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, the blahdy blah of blah, etc.

During the summer of my 11th year (1964) I wrote him a letter and asked him to be my pen pal.  I wrote lots of letters back then, but this one my Dad thought was so funny.  In it, I lied about my age and told him I was 12 !!!   While I was visiting Grandmother, he mailed the letter without my knowing.  A few months later I received a letter, on Buckingham Palace stationery, from the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting, expaining to me that the Prince would not be able to correspond with me.  I still have the letter and scrapbook here somewhere.  I was so excited!  A few years later I discovered Real Boys, but always kept a keen interest in Charles.

Anyone who knew me back then was aware of my crush and I planned to go to England as soon as I was old enough. (unfortunately, that did not happen and I still haven’t visited)

Anyway, after the whole Di thing, I have been steadfastly defending him.  I think he accidentally married a young lady who had serious mental health problems, ignoring his heart and being faithful to his “position” as the future King.  Everything good about the Princes William and Harry has been attributed in the press to their mother, and I’m not going to try to malign her mothering.  However, Prince Charles started the Prince’s Trust way before he married her and has always been a true “working” royal.  His relationship with his sons appears to be strong, proven because they make fun of him like any adult child does, and also because they give him a lot of credit for the people they are today.

I still follow the Royals very closely.  BBC has been showing a lovely documentary that finally gives Charles his just desserts.  He and Camilla share loving looks and it’s quite clear they are still very much in love with each other after all these years.  I approve…but always did want him to be happy, since it didn’t work out between the two of us.

Dear Prince Charles,

Today is your birthday #70.  Geez, PC, we have grown old together…

Love, Peace, and Happy Birthday Wishes…

From your Loyal Fangirl…

Dance like nobody’s looking…


P.S.  I wrote about this in 2012…  if you are counting…

Today’s News…

We celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary on Wednesday with a stroll down Memory Lane.  It seems like a lifetime ago that I walked down the aisle of Old North with 5-year-old Melissa as my maid-of-honor to join our lives with Casey.   I wrote in 2011…

….”still married after all these years…through the happy and the sad, the exciting and the boring, the easy days and the difficult nights,  we’ve melded our minds into a working partnership of supportive independence. “

In 2010 we celebrated our 30th at a Garrison Keillor “Summer of Love” Show up at Connor Prairie.  I wrote about it Here…

Probably my best effort was the post of 2014… Wedding Anniversary Edition

We were at Disney for our 35th celebration…

 Anyway, you know I think he’s great (and he is) and he adores me (and he should)…  Starting our 39th year married, we wouldn’t change a thing…

I’ve been having internet connection problems all week…  We were having problems before we changed cable companies and since I was using the old company’s modem/router, I thought I’d be smart and buy a new modem and hook it to my old router.  I am smart, but I’m still having the problem with the signal randomly going out and coming back on.  It is aggravating.  We are honing in on the problem, but I’m trying to do it without a visit from my son, just to show we can.  He only  has to answer the phone 5-6 times daily…hmm…he might want to make a service call and get me to stop bugging him.  He doesn’t read this blog, though, so this is just between me and you…

Who does read this blog?  I’ll take this opportunity to thank you all for showing up for today’s news…  There’s not much to report…

The porch was newly-completed just in time for rain, but we hadn’t yet caulked the seams on the roof.  As we watched the rain, we realized that the flat section was too flat and water was pooling in several areas.  Damn.  While we spent the next 2 rainy days observing, Casey developed a plan.  He had to take that side back off and do a little engineering to give it some slant, pitch, grade–whatever–and then put it back on and caulk it.  After another trip to Menard’s, he used the rainy days to paint and engineer, timing it perfectly to remove and replace when the rain stopped.  It’s done…  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so we’ll see, but it Looks like it will work much better…


The internet signal has been lost and found 3 (now 4)(now 5)(now 6)  times since I started writing this post.  I’m gonna go work with the modem…






This has been about the least sparkly birthday I’ve had in recent memory.  I blame the poison rum (we didn’t even drink that much), but we have been draggy all week-end.  Could be the fact that there has been No Sunshine Just Rain and the associated gloom that goes with gray clouds and a pelting, pouring rain that started the opening lines of The Cat in the Hat looping through my brain…

the sun did not shine.
it was too wet to play.
so we sat in the house
all that cold, cold, wet day.

i sat there with casey.
we sat there, we two
and I said, "how i wish
we had something to do"
too wet to go out
and too cold to play ball.
so we sat in the house.
we did nothing at all.

so all we could do was to
and we did not like it.
not one little bit.  
                             (But there was no bump, that made us jump...)

All of this slo-o-o-w nothing has moved us to get moving.  We’ve changed up our travel plans and will be leaving next Sunday for various and sundry places in Florida.  We had planned on leaving by the 8th anyway, but why wait?  Did I mention it’s Dullsville around here?  I’m neck-deep in planning and we’ve been doing some re-arranging of the trailer, upgrading our shower, organizing the bathroom, preparing for a longer trip.  I’m so excited to get gone.

Yesterday we met up with the Jrs. at Gattitown to celebrate Samantha’s birthday with them and some of my daughter-in-law’s family! Rain does not stop the fun there and we had a great time…

Today the sun is out! We’re outside and loading up the camper..!

Instead of switching over to my travelblog, I’m going to make Sonnystone the Trailer Trippers, so All of my regular readers can share our trip with us. Stay tuned!



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