Just one more thing…

I’m picking up the Jr girls at 11 and we’re off to the mall and other adventures, but I just have one comment on the Platinum Jubilee and the Royal Family…

Harry and Meghan are seriously mental and their decision to leave the Royal Family was based on the belief that they would be able to make more money by capitalizing on their association with them — note she still calls herself a Duchess. When that didn’t materialize and Prince Charles cut them out of his payroll as Duke of Cornwall, their revenge interview with Oprah was full of lies — 17 of them proven to be outright porkies. The Queen’s response that “recollections may vary” is as close as it gets to the RF calling them out. They filed several lawsuits, one against the Queen’s own government for extra security, and refused to come to Prince Philip’s funeral, further hurting Her Majesty.

But they still play off of their royal connection here in America where they maintain a fan club who call anyone who despises them like I do a racist. I hate that and it’s hurts the cause of fighting true racism in our country and the UK. They are seriously unpopular in UK, and disliked by about 67% of Americans, last poll…

Still, they continue to pull stunts like her showing up in Uvalde the day after the shootings, like she represents anybody or anything other than Narcissism. She truly makes me sick.

I’m not going to defend Harry, but he’s very mentally unstable (a fact that the RF covered up for years) and I believe he is abused by her at the same time that he preaches at the rest of the world to get help… And did he Ever acknowledge the Queen’s Jubilee and Thank her for her service — no…

So they got their come-uppance at the Jubilee. They had not coordinated with the Family regarding plans for the many engagements that Senior Royals were attending (Princess Anne was in charge). They did not bring their children to the Trooping the Colour when they could have met all their cousins and Aunts and Uncles, instead having a “birthday party” for their daughter-with-the-stolen-name on Saturday when All of the other Royals were either in Wales, the Epsom Derby, Northern Ireland, and Cornwall — arrangements made well in advance of the Harkles decision to attend.

About that decision: HMTQ ordered them to let her meet her great-grandchildren and they were informed that there would be No Pictures of the event, though it appears there was an official Royal Photographer present to take pictures that Belong to The Queen, not for commercialization. They actually tried to bring in their own photographers, even after being Told not to — that’s who took the pictures they released today.

After they were booed at St. Paul’s on Friday, and seated far away from the Senior Royals, they disappeared, unable to face the public. That’s the smartest decision they’ve made in a while–or was it mandated to them?

Since all the families were present in the room where they made their cameo appearance alongside the Tindall and Phillips children, it must have been icy in there. The next morning they were summoned to see Prince Charles before heading out to St. Paul’s and I believe it was him who let them know they should stay home for the rest of their visit. If you watched as closely as I did, you would see the cousins Blank them at St. Paul’s.

Anyway, today a photo was released of their daughter and she’s a cute little thing, but poor Archie hasn’t been seen full-face in years now… I’m sure they’re jealous that All the other Royals brought their kids and had a great time at the Party and the Pageant, so could hardly wait to get back to America and get their PR machine rolling again — and the darling little girl is certainly a palate cleanser.

I feel so sorry for Archie and Lily…they could have been part of that rambunctious group of cousins, just like Harry was when he was growing up. When will Harry’s therapists finally convince him that living with a narcissist is unhealthy for him and the kids?

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I gotta go. Just wanted to put my 2cents worth in…


4 thoughts on “Just one more thing…

  1. I don’t follow the royal family much, but, I do think that the Queen is attempting to outlive Charles so William can take the throne. Charles is the equivalent of the village idiot within the royal family. William will be a much wiser and caring fellow to take the job. As far as Harry, he should have known better.

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    1. Oh, dear, Phil…you don’t know me very well… I have been Prince Charles’ #1 Fangirl since I was 10 years old–59 years ago. I think he’ll make a fine interim King and while none of the RF are genius, he’s a smart man, ahead of his time…and seriously, Harry is the Village Idiot…
      see here: https://sonnystoneacres.com/2018/11/14/hb-prince-charles/
      *my post from November 14, 2018…
      But thank-you! I do like to hear what others think even when we disagree!

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      1. You know, you may be right, I forgot about that little dweeb Harry and his antics. I do believe his brother tried to warn him about Markle. Love does take away all sense of reality and leaves one blind in both eyes. I still think the Queen is one tough gal.

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