Mom’s Day

My mom was a typical 1950s stay-at-home Mom, and to me her life looked like one long summer vacation. She and the neighborhood ladies started their days with coffee from a percolator that perked all day just in case someone dropped in, and often someone did. When I was in 6th grade she got a part-time job working at Sears and made life-long friends. She was always in a bowling league, played bridge, bunco, and any other game she and her pals dreamed up. After I left home, she and Dad started playing golf and she was pretty good at it–definitely better than Dad!

Mom was my inspiration in that respect: I never wanted a career, didn’t really want to work at all, but if I must, I prefer part-time. I just wanted to keep house, cook, take care of the kids, hang out with my girlfriends, watch soap operas, and get a good tan. The games/sports thing was never “Me”, but I can loaf with the best.

Now that I’m retired, My life is pretty much one long summer vacation. I wish Mom were here to share it with me. We could play cards all day and sit out on the swing every evening. She would have loved this house and fixing it up. She always did admire my garden. I miss her every day…

My kids have remembered me with gifts and hugs. I’m so grateful. Hope you’re enjoying this day!


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