Evening Edition

My grandies have been soo entertaining this week-end! Samantha danced beautifully at her recital…(she’s the red-haired little girl in the center)

Emma and her date went to their Jr. Prom…Is she beautiful or what?

Those are my #1 and #4 grandies, and #2 and #3 are equally adorable.

I planted green beans and zinnias last week and the seedlings are popping up. I still need to plant three tomato plants, but otherwise it’s all over but the watering…and the weeding…and the Miracle-gro-ing.

I’ve been going through old clothes and tossing — Lord help me, I’m a clothes hoarder! I blame it on our abundance of storage; the clothes got stored upstairs and I’m just now noticing that I’ve run out of drawer space. I don’t believe I’m ever going to fit into those size 8s again, but there they are, just in case… I’ve thrown out about a half-ton, including old shoes, which is even more pathetic, and I’m feeling much lighter. Still, there’s all those souvenir t-shirts that the kids will have to give away when I head to the home. I just can’t part with my Seussical the Musical tee, or my Steve Martin, Banjo Boy shirt…

Next Saturday is the JoJo’s Academy of Music First Piano Recital, starring Samantha. She’s really done well and I’m super thrilled that she likes playing so much. I’ll see you on the other side of that event. Have a great week!


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