Pomp, Circumstance, and a long-shot

I have been so obsessed with the Coronation that I paid little attention to the horses this week-end, but in the end, I did my usual win-some, lose-some with my wagers without even over-thinking.

I am still in a daze over the opulence of the Crowning of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. I was up at 2:00 am, donned my tiara and thanks to YouTube got to watch the BBC coverage. They didn’t talk over the service like the Americans do, so I truly felt like I was in church.

I love High Church Liturgy, vestments, soaring ceilings with walls of stained glass, choirs and trumpets, and especially Handel, my favorite-of-all-time composer – and not just because we share a birthday, or because The Messiah is brilliant. Indeed, I just love the movement of an Amen or Alleluia that can be made to last measure upon measure! Andrew Lloyd Weber had composed a lovely setting of a Psalm, Debbie Wiseman contributed new music for a gospel acapella group, and there was plenty of Boyce, Rutter, and other quintessentially British tunesmiths.

I cried a couple of times, but big tears were flowing as Handel’s “Zadok the Priest” filled the Abbey. The King had stripped down to his undershirt (surprisingly not a wife-beater) and gone behind a stunning screen to be annointed; he was looking a little fragile yesterday and the sight of him so bare was a lesson in the humility of this good man. I share this with you, and I hope you watch it with a tissue handy, and remember this is Live, just before Charles and Camilla were crowned. (The dude in the kilt is Lt. Col. Johnny Thompson, the King’s equerry, and a very popular man amongst us Royal Watchers)

After a little nap and some lunch, I got dressed for the Derby and made my bets via TwinSpires. I talked with my kids and the name Mage came up, but I only bet him to show…at 18-1, I thought he’d be doing well to get that far. Congratulations to Mage, who did return about $13 on that $2 bet; it was my favorite, Angel of Empire, who almost made it, but cost me… I’m down $7 going into the Preakness, second race of the Triple Crown.

It was Thursday before we finally got my tomatoes in the ground and they were very shocked with the transplant. I fussed over them and they seem to have pulled out of it, especially with today’s rain.

The bell peppers, basil, yellow squash, and zucchini were planted on Friday along with some watermelon and cantaloupe seedlings.

We did a little re-arranging and I now have a spot for potted herbs in a partial shady spot that I think they will love.

I’ve been so wrapped up in all of the above that I feel quite relieved to have it all behind me. May is a busy month, as usual: #2 grandie will have her 15th birthday on the 9th, Mothers’ Day is the 14th, Samantha’s Dance Recital is the 20th, and Jojo’s Academy of Music will have the 1st Annual Piano Recital on the 27th.

I have to plant more seeds, and I’m planning another trip to Ronnie’s for extra plants just because. I’m still looking for anise hyssop; there’s a native plant nursery over in Posey County that has them, so that will be a nice little outing.

Somehow the gloom and rain don’t seem so bad today, though I’ve got to get outside and tie up the squash. Have a great week!


One thought on “Pomp, Circumstance, and a long-shot

  1. The coronation was amazing to watch. Even seeing the fictional coronation on The Crown didn’t live up to the real thing. As for the Derby, I picked Mage because 8 is my lucky number and I write about magic. What other horse could possibly have won? So glad your tomatoes survived transplant. I’m still waiting for that last winter blast, which may or may not be coming. It almost hit 90 here today. Bright blessings!


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