Sunday Report

Edit: Spoiler Alert: I said (below) that the Irish Dancers were competing in the Nationals, but I should have said they are competing in the World Championships. (the Nationals are in Nashville in July and we will be there). Eliza is dancing today and Emma dancing Tuesday. Sending Beams of Love, no matter what the level of competition.

Happy Palm Sunday to those of you who celebrate. I remember the marathon performance schedule of Holy Week from my days as a church organist and my best wishes go to all church musicians at this busy time. The Good Friday hymns in the dirge-like minor keys give way on Easter morning to songs of Victory and Pageantry in bright, major tones. Sometimes I miss it.

Last year I was deeply involved with my visit to London and I sure wish I had something similar to distract me. I’m feeling so restless, like I always do at the beginning of the Spring season, waiting for the lows to finally stay above 40, longing for the sunny days and warmer highs. I stand at the window and watch the birds going about their business, observe the magnolia buds flowering, and follow the antics of a scrappy grey squirrel who we’ve named “Stumpy” because his tail is cut off to about 6 inches. I want to get out and join the party.

We have another month or so left of this transition from winter to spring, aka storm/big wind/tornado season in these parts. We weathered 60mph gusts yesterday, but are grateful there were no tornadoes in our neck of the woods.

In the meantime, I’m raising up 3 better boys and 6 california wonders that we bought at Hillside gardens last week. I’ve already potted up the tomatoes and will no doubt pot up the peppers before we can set them out in mid-May.

My Irish Dance girls are competing in the North American competition, called “Nationals”, this week up in Montreal, Canada. I know they will do well, but very excited to see just how well they do.

I broke a tooth last week and my dentist was out of town. It doesn’t really hurt, but I’m sticking with soft food and such… I foresee a spell of dentist visits in my future, but I can’t get in to see him this week, either, because it’s Colonoscopy Week here at the Acres. Mine is scheduled for Tuesday, Casey’s for Thursday, so the whole clear liquids and diet restrictions thing works out fine. So much fun…

Have a Holy Week!


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