Roll Away the Stone

We had a little Egg Hunt yesterday with the Jr Family. Casey and Michael warned that these eggs (filled with a quarters and occasional smarties) would be a level up from the past hunts, and sure enough, there’s one out there we still can’t find! It will show up at the most unlikely time, experience tells me — maybe at next year’s Hunt!

It’s a Beautiful Morning, perfect for a Sunrise Service, so I dragged myself up and out into the garden to contemplate. In my 25 years playing the organ at the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, I heard many an Easter sermon, usually 2-3 times. The choirs were jubilant, the congregation all gussied up in their Sunday finest, and the Music was inspired, if I do say so myself. But it was often at the end of that long haul of service, that I could stop and think, and let it all sink in. Religious scholars do their best to “explain” resurrection, but it’s all a mystery to me. In my wee brain, the metaphor of Spring, when the dormant earth returns to life, when the brown and gray gives way to green and blue and the birds sing loud and long at dawn that inspires Hope, strengthening my Faith that we are Growing Every Season, transformed and reborn Every Day. Mercy! Such Grace!

It’s just an every-day song, but “Beauty in the River” (by Ozark Mountain Daredevils) gives a hint of Easter in the message of its chorus:

We must all stand in the water
We must find it when we roam
It don’t matter what is said
We can wake up from the dead
And roll away the stone
We can roll away the stone!

Songwriters: John Dillon
Beauty in the River lyrics © Irving Music, Inc

The song starts with the sound of a saw sawing wood to count the rhythm, something that has always intrigued me… Give it a Listen…

Have a great week!


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