WDW with the Jrs…

I know, we go to Disney World all the time, but our son and his fam only get to go every couple of years, so it’s Always more fun with them. It’s much more strenuous, as well, a good work-out for a couple of oldies such as ourselves. Michael always stays five days and each morning except the last we were up before dawn to get over to the parks for rope drop. We were extremely successful at getting on the most popular rides without lining up with the exception of Remy’s where we melted in a 75-minute queue.

Everybody was happy, enjoying themselves and sad to leave, so that’s the true sign of a Great Trip… Here’s some visuals…

Instead of being exhausted, I seem to have a lot of energy, especially in this Autumn weather. We’re bringing in all the plants I plan to over-winter, putting out the pumpkin decorations, and making room for firewood on the front porch. This afternoon Cousin Lana and I are off to see “Measure by Measure” at UE Theatre. This week I’ll catch up with my ancestry editing next to a cozy fire as the temps drop below freezing. I think I’ll try making a video of our Super Trip.

Hope you’re enjoying today where You are!

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