It’s Fall, y’all…

I’ve been down with a sore throat, head congestion, cough, and just generalized misery for three days now. Oddly, it feels like a good old-fashion cold — remember those? It might be my autumn mold allergies, but it’s been so dry here that I just don’t know. The temperatures have jumped from below freezing several days ago to a high of 81 today, so there’s that. Whatever it is, it foiled my plans to see another play today with Lana out of consideration that this crud could be contagious; we really enjoyed last week’s “Measure by Measure” at UE’s Shanklin Theatre. I do love the Bard’s comedies and that one was bawdy, as well, eliciting a lot of LOLs for us. Added plus: nobody died.

JoJo’s Academy of Music resumed after our fall break. Samantha is doing brilliantly at the piano.

The sunlight and leaves joined together with the sunrise this morning to dazzle me with Golden Light…

Even with a head full of snot, I can’t help but feel grateful for such a beautiful day today — and two more on the way! Hope the Sunshine is Splendid where you are!


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