Oops! I forgot…

Yeah, it’s true – last week I forgot to blog. I’ve played the organ at Christ Church for the last two Sundays, but last week I also opened JoJo’s Academy of Music for a lesson with Samantha, usually a Saturday event, which it really threw me off and I simply forgot that it was Blog Day. Anyway, I didn’t have anything to say much…

This past week, though, I have been glued to the coverage of Hurricane Ian. My cousin lives in Cape Coral and she decided to ride it out. I watched so much of the same footage over and over – and found out later some of it wasn’t even from Ian — that I was looking out my window to see if it had arrived at my door yet. Anyway, she’s okay, and for that I’m so grateful, but I strongly disapprove of folks who don’t evacuate when they’re asked to. Many deaths could have been avoided, but Floridians seem to like toying with hurricanes. I’m thinking of the first responders who are now strained to provide relief for the ones who weren’t as lucky as my cousin — she lost a few shingles and trees, may or may not have her power back, but her house is still there.

Preachy, ain’t I? I guess I figure if someone gave me even One Day of warning that a Tornado was gonna plow through my town, I’d batten down the hatches and get to a safe place.

Disney World had to close down for a couple of days, but they are back in business and we’ll be arriving there this coming Friday. We’re accompanying Jr. and his family, so we’ll be staying five days this trip. I’m pretty excited…

It’s been absolutely beautiful Autumn weather and I hope by the time we’re home from WDW the leaves start changing colors. I’ve still got my potted plants outside and they’re blooming away… All of the gardens look like Fall now…

I’ll try to be in touch while we’re on vacay. Stay safe, friends.


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