Still bummed…

I hope that after tomorrow’s funeral I’ll snap out of this funk I’m in. The weather’s been beautiful, and we’ve been steadily (and for me, drearily) eating tomatoes and bell peppers, pulling up the plants as we harvest, so the Edible Garden is a mere shell of itself, but the zinnias and marigolds persist.

After a Last Hurrah of Summer later this week, the Autumnal Equinox will arrive and usher in my favorite season. I’m planning a campfire dinner for that night with lots of harvest vegetables…and hot dogs, of course.

Sorry to be so short on words this week. My obsession with the Royal Family is being fed, my feelings are being manipulated, and for now I’m here for it. I swear, though, after the Queen has been buried, I’m turning off the internets for a wee bit…


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