Summer Reading Program

Every year I challenge myself to read 24 books over at Goodreads and most years I easily reach that goal and more, but not this year… Luckily, it’s that time of year when the local library incentivizes us to Read with their Summer Programs. I signed up last Wednesday and received a free pencil, a “Love My Library” sticker, a free round of putt-putt and free kids’ meal at Azzip, a bookmark, and a folder to track my reads by coloring in the books. After I’ve read 10 books, I get to turn in the folder to be entered for the Grand Prize. Samantha and Olivia have already turned in one entry, so I’m lagging behind.

The back of the folder lists some recommended books that sound pretty good, but for quick reads I turn to the cozy mysteries, usually set in England in the time between WWI and WWII. The sleuths are rich people who attract murders wherever they go and they always get their man (or woman). You’d think that I would be able to solve the puzzle on my own after reading all the Sherlocks, Poirots, Marples, Campions, and Lord Peter Wimseys. Authors such as Ray Chandler, Dashiell Hammet, and Erle Stanley Gardner alongside more modern writers Elizabeth George, Patricia Cornwell, and P.D. James have schooled me for years, but I rarely figure out whodunnit…

It is Cold today and rainy, but the weatherman has warned us that next week’s temps will be 90-100degrees with godawful humidity, so I’m enjoying it. Casey’s getting the pool ready for Summer and I’m trying to figure out how that skeleton got in Braeburn Castle and who it could be… Any ideas??? Lord Lennox will figure it out…


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