Evening Edition

We went up to the New Harmony Antiques Show yesterday and it was kinda sad. We have regularly attended this show for several decades and the last years have seen it dwindle with few vendors, but this year there were only a dozen antique booths set up and half of those were local stores. Inside the gym, where it is usually packed with sellers, there wasn’t much to see. The crowds were paltry, too. Antiques just aren’t a “thing” right now, but I couldn’t help but notice that the prices are outrageous…I guess they don’t mind carting that stuff around.

I like antiques, but mine are actual heirlooms, making them priceless despite their chips, cracks, and stains…

This morning I woke up early to get some garden work done, having been forewarned that there was a 100% chance of a severe storm set to appear about 1pm. Turns out, it all dried up and we’re settled into a couple of weeks sans precip alongside record hot temps and humidity, so I don’t regret the mistake.

My black-eyed Susans, just one group of plants, has been steadily infected with black spot, and I cut it back from the other plants, removing most of the affected leaves. I’ve ordered some copper-based fungicide to treat any small spots that may reappear, and I plan to do some serious division next spring.

I pulled up the peas and brought in the last harvest, a measly handful of dried pods, making room for the watermelons and cantaloupes to climb.

Here’s the latest photos of the Edible Garden…

Casey’s getting the mowing done and I’ve been just piddling around, relaxing and taking pictures.

Unfortunately, the WC Handy Bluesfest is this week and I wanted to go, but we’ll have to see…Stay safe, friends. Drink plenty of water–don’t wait until you’re thirsty–and stay inside if you have lung problems.


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