My mind wanders, but it is not lost…

I am adept at wasting time, especially on a cold, gloomy day like today. The bird garden, just outside my window occupies my thoughts for a while as I watch a fat jay trying to get the proper grip on the suet feeder, finally giving up and perching awkwardly on the sunflower houses. But my mind wanders…

Wassily Kandinsky, artist

That Prednisone really messed with my gut, not just in that killing-your-natural-flora way, but also it made me ravenously hungry and I have no willpower, so I ate every sugary treat I could find and then ordered more. I hate when I do that…but I do it for less reasons than Prednisone, so you’d think I’d learn my lesson. In yet another attempt to placate my guilt, I’m embarking on trial of probiotics. I tried the flora-fixers about a decade ago and didn’t stick with it (no surprise), but I’m more impressed with them nowadays and I hope to reset my gut biodome…

Back at the birdfeeders, a cardinal family has arrived and I watch them picnic together, admiring how the babies have grown. But my mind wanders…

Wassily Kandinsky, artist

I’ve never had much of a routine since retirement, happy to change with the seasons and the needs of the day, but it seems appropriate to set a schedule for Summer Vacation that involves Family and camping. I’m set up to hang out with the Jrs. two days each week; there are some good library programs to attend and I’ve got an idea to visit some of our local parks each week. A couple of months ago, Casey and I started going up to New Harmony to check out their auctions every month, so that’s on the calendar. But my mind wanders..


I had to trim my basil and was wondering what to do with it. Handily, I had planned to have turkey-feta-spinach burger this evening and I’ll just trade out the spinach for the basil! Brilliant! But my mind wanders..

…what am I going to about my hair? my shape? my face? my Age? Perhaps lip plumper could change my life, give me more energy; maybe I should get a perm; I need to walk Every Damn Day; how old am I really??? But my mind wanders…

Wassily Kandinsky, artist

Well, if nothing can be done, I’ll make the best of what’s around and play some Dave Matthews…


2 thoughts on “My mind wanders, but it is not lost…

  1. When I turned 40, I started walking every day with my duplex neighbor (her son owned the building). She was about 80 and asked me if I was walking for health (like her). And I said no, I wanted to lose weight to wear nice clothes. And THEN I planned to get braces for my teeth and maybe make my nose different with plastic surgery. She rolled her eyes and said, “How beautiful do you have to be?” I felt such relief in that, I never forgot it. You are perfect just as you are.

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