Sunday Report 12-13-2020

After a week of carefully arranging our Christmas decorations on mantels and hutch cupboards, covering nearly every flat surface with Mr&Mrs, nutcrackers, snow globes, and other accoutrements of the Jolly Holiday, we were ready for the grandies to hang the ornaments on the Tree.

The Jr girls are our usual tree-decorating Elves, but since I don’t get to see (in person) the New Yorkers this year, I’m trying to pull us all together via instagram. I didn’t do so well at getting the screenshot of the New Tradition, but I’ll get better. I had bought four new Mickey ornaments from WDW and Emma and Eliza directed Olivia and Samantha as to placement of the ones they chose. Eliza also entertained us, playing Christmas music on her keyboard while the Jrs. finished.

The icicle lights Outside are dazzling the passersby and our Peace Wreath has been updated with new red and white lights. The neighbors are struggling with light-outages, but so far ours have performed with distinction. As soon as I can I’ll attempt to catch the night pictures.

12 more days…


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