Spirits of Christmases Past: 2010, chap. 1

Our Family Christmas Traditions are not traditional. We’ve become accustomed to adjusting our get-togethers, but we’ve always had some choice about when or how. This year, this Weird Year, we’ve no alternative to staying home, away from our precious NYC where we have spent the last 15 years enjoying the Rockettes, Bill’s Burgers, theatre, and Most of All, Grandies.

It could be worse, though, and Hope is rising slowly across the horizon so that I can confidently say that Next Christmas we’ll be back at Radio City Music Hall, Next Christmas we’ll be back at 333 #829 with Christmas tree lights reflecting in our eyes.

Let’s step inside the Way-Back Machine, set the dials for 2010, and view Precious Christmas Memories…


christmas with emma

Date: December 24, 2010 Author: Jo Mayne Casey

we arrived at 333 around noon sunday.  after some burgers at merrion square, we opened a few presents. 

grandpa helped with the sock puppets

on monday we saw the 5pm performance of the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.  this is emma’s 3rd time to see the Show—not bad for a 4-yr-old.   

tuesday was her school christmas program (no, grandma, it’s a show) and it was no surprise that she was such a terrific performer.  what was a surprise is that she introduced the show, coming out with confidence to the microphone and saying clearly, smiling, “welcome to our christmas show”.   she’s somethin’, that gal. 

the other kid aren’t really zombies….

we opened more presents when we came home.  she had bought grandpa some nice things at her school’s christmas shop and was so excited to give them to him.  she tried so hard to keep it a secret…..

she loved all of her presents, of course……. 

daddy helped her with her new wii game

the next morning, she was off to school for a polar express pajama party, wearing her new pajamas, crocks and socks.  we left just as she and melissa were heading out for school….posing with her baby sister’s new swing…

 it was such a short time, but just enough to tide me over until february……


Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

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