Sunday Report

This week sucked, didn’t it?  Kobe Bryant and his daughter dying was a helluva start, may their memories be for a blessing.   My soap opera, General Hospital, has been pre-empted for weeks by another soap opera, Impeachment Farces by the Arses…hahaha.  Oh, lighten up.

  And then there was the Dental Disaster.

Wednesday I spent two-and-a-half hours in the dentist chair getting the root canal that wasn’t.  I had the laughing gas jauntily strapped across my nose, breathing in peace and breathing out love, so all I knew was whirring and “open”.  Turns out, something about the canal and he couldn’t get through it, so he finally gave up.  I was a little beleaguered and left without a plan, but called later to schedule the tooth to be removed on Monday (tomorrow).  Friday evening I was minding my own business, reading and eating an ice cream sandwich, when the tooth broke off.   I feel an oral surgeon in my future.

So that’s all I’ve got to say.

People have got it worse, that’s for sure.  But my mood is definitely Disgruntled. dreading the upcoming drama.

Still smiling, though…


P.S.  Two new posts last week over at All My Ancestors and I hope to stay on schedule despite this…interruption. See you there!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Report

  1. Must’ve been a dental week. Husband had some temporary crowns and has spent every day in the dentist’s chair because they keep falling out. He now has three temporary crowns sitting on the kitchen counter. If this is what the permanent ones look like, I guess we’ll get a lawyer. The long way round to saying, I feel ya, sista.

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    1. I will immediately (or at least soon-ish) check the alignment of the planets, stars, and moon. Something extra-terrestrial is obv pulling at our teeth… Good luck to All of us! I’m waiting to see what the reaction is tomorrow morning when they listen to the rather frantic, possibly incoherent, message that I left Friday after the Incident. I definitely want something free…

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