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Sunday Report

This week sucked, didn’t it?  Kobe Bryant and his daughter dying was a helluva start, may their memories be for a blessing.   My soap opera, General Hospital, has been pre-empted for weeks by another soap opera, Impeachment Farces by the Arses…hahaha.  Oh, lighten up.

  And then there was the Dental Disaster.

Wednesday I spent two-and-a-half hours in the dentist chair getting the root canal that wasn’t.  I had the laughing gas jauntily strapped across my nose, breathing in peace and breathing out love, so all I knew was whirring and “open”.  Turns out, something about the canal and he couldn’t get through it, so he finally gave up.  I was a little beleaguered and left without a plan, but called later to schedule the tooth to be removed on Monday (tomorrow).  Friday evening I was minding my own business, reading and eating an ice cream sandwich, when the tooth broke off.   I feel an oral surgeon in my future.

So that’s all I’ve got to say.

People have got it worse, that’s for sure.  But my mood is definitely Disgruntled. dreading the upcoming drama.

Still smiling, though…


P.S.  Two new posts last week over at All My Ancestors and I hope to stay on schedule despite this…interruption. See you there!


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The rest of the story…

Here’s a recap of my FB posts 3/29/16…
Jo Mayne Casey

Tears. I am sitting in my car on the side of I-24, 109 miles from Eville, 39 miles from Nashville, car broken down…I had to cancel my flight to visit with Jose’s. Casey is heading down to rescue me. State Police must have better things to do. .. I’m so sad.

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My Hero, at last… The car barely fits, so it will be a slow ride back home. Probably just a hose, but it sure ruined my plans.

Jo Mayne Casey's photo.
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What a day! Thanks to all my FB friends who sent out enough kind wishes to keep my perspective positive. Now, to devise a scheme to get to NYC asap…

Jo Mayne Casey's photo.
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 So…  I was cruising down 1-24, the gutsy grandma on her way to visit her NYC grand-daughters.  My flight out of Nashville was at 2:15 and I was making good time.  I stopped at our usual Rest Stop at the Kentucky-Tennessee state line, then quickly got back on the road.  I went about 7 miles, back up to speed, when that funny-looking red light starting lighting up my dash and dinging.  Now, we have little dings go off regularly on our dash, nothing serious, usually some sort of computer quirk–it scrolls “lo wash” every day.  So I didn’t know whether I should pay attention to it or not.  I grabbed my phone and called Casey and by the time I got him, it was blinking and dinging and Casey said, pull over, stop the car….  When the engine stopped, I was immediately covered by a fog of steam…
That was the scariest part.  Even though I spent my day trapped in my car on the side of the interstate, everything after that just came together perfectly.  Casey was just finishing up a job and could leave right away.  Our wonderful neighbor let us borrow his car-trailer.  I had a McDonald’s mcmuffin and small drink.  I had just gone to the bathroom, so I was comfortable.  Thank-you, Lord, for cell phones.  I was able to cancel the flight, call my daughter and let her and the girls know.
I sat for 4 hours, on alert, but not afraid.  I did check the woods a couple of times to make sure nobody was gonna sneak up on me.  The trucks and cars racing by kept me rocking, so I felt like I was on a train.  I stayed connected with people through FB and felt like I wasn’t actually alone.
The disappointment really hit this morning when I woke up Here.  I should be There.  Emma and Eliza are on Spring Break and I was going to have them all to myself.  I am just heartbroken.  Melissa told me that a friend of hers has asked them to Sag Harbor, so at least they will have something fun to do, but the only thing better than JoJo is JoJo at Disneyworld…   I’m looking at dates and I’ll get there soon…
But, there’s more…   The problem with my car was some sort of plastic Y that holds hoses—you figured that, huh?  It’s something Casey can fix and he’s going to pick up the part today.  As we were driving home, Casey’s engine light came on….no ding, but the one that says “SERIOUS”.  The vehicle was running fine, so we got it all  home, unloaded the car, ready to take the trailer back to our neighbor.  Casey’s Expedition wouldn’t start.  He cranked it and cranked it and and …  He has no idea what is wrong and it most likely is something he can’t fix, so here comes the mechanic bill…

We are supposed to pick up our RV on Friday. What will happen next?  Stay tuned, but it will all be okay….
P.S.  For some reason, WordPress won’t let me break up this post into paragraphs, so it looks like all one big ramble and not as inviting.  So, if you have read this far, thank-you, You’re a Doll..!
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Week-end Wrap-up

Well, it’s more like a 2-week-end-wrap-up, because I failed to share pictures of Olivia’s 7th birthday party last weekend, May 9.


Then, there’s the freak accident that occurred 3 days ago, as I was walking out of the butcher shop.  I stopped on the doorsill because my phone was ringing.  I thought I’d catch the door with my butt, but instead it was my foot.   The sharp metal bottom of the door sliced open the back of my heel.  It is a family-owned business, and I was real lucky that one of the owners is a retired nurse. I could see white glisteny stuff  when it gapped open, plenty of blood, and generally felt shocky.  She took care of everything, bandaged me up and drove me to the urgent care.  It took 13 stitches to pull it all together and she watched, so I was assured that he put plenty in.  Once the doctor numbed me, I was able to hobble out and drive home.

 When the numb wore off…yiiiiiikkkes.  Ice helped more than the pain meds, but I valiantly drugged myself and stayed down.  Ugh..I am a very impatient patient, but I’ve been seriously afraid that I’ll pull out those stitches.

 It is getting better every day, though.  The stitches need to stay in for 2 weeks.  I’m going to buy a new pair of shoes with no back, for sure…my nike slides just don’t match all of my ensembles…

 I think it will be tender for a while.



Because of all that, though, I had to miss Olivia’s Dance Recital…  She has performed her “Mickey Mouse Club” moves for me, but I was so sorry…

Olivia recital 2015


Oh, well, blahblahblarney about how it could be worse, but it could be better.  So I’m working on that, and getting good results.  Make it better where you are, too.


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I’ve missed you…

It’s been a long spell of no-blogging, and so much has happened.

I’ve been sick, unable to work at my nurse job.  At first, I thought a couple of weeks, some new meds, and some rest would whip me back into my usual self.  Unfortunately, my illness has worsened, and I won’t be able to return in time to see the 8th-graders graduate.  After 8 years of loving pubolescents, that’s a hard pill to swallow, but I know that my heartfelt hope that they will do well in life has already been expressed.

I started a fundraiser blog for Eric over at the site GoFundMe.  I am impressed at how well they check out the fundraisers and their security policies.  I got it started, but Melissa recently took over the reins, as she is a rather accomplished marketer.  If you are inclined to help them with his medical expenses, look for them at or you can just click that link up at the top of this page…see it up there?  While you’re looking around, look over to the right-hand column, at the top:  Melissa has a new blog, and it’s wordpress now.  Check it out–I think you’ll want to follow her.

I still feel somewhat useless, but have begun to clean out our upstairs bedroom and make preparations for Emma and Eliza.  They’ll be with us from about mid-June through July, when we will go to WDW.  The Disney trip was planned way before Eric got sick, also includes the Jrs. (Samantha’s first visit), and I hope Eric’s feeling well enough to go.

In the meantime, I’m mindfully gardening, mindfully cleaning, and mindfully speaking peace and compassion for the whole world.  Here’s a taste of what’s growing here at the Acres:

Really, how can anyone be un-cheered in a garden?

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6 days off the road…

shoo-wee, what a week, she says inscrutably.  Good week?  Well, I am getting better every day.  Bad week?  It’s been a lot more painful than I expected…

I have discovered that in addition to our smooth dance moves and perfect pitch, Michael Jackson and I also share a love of anesthesia!!!  That’s some good shit, man.  I was flying for 2 days, really.  To those of you who received phone calls during that time, sorry or you’re welcome, or whatever, because I don’t remember what I said.

There are about 8 stitches, 4 incisions, and they gave me a wonderful ice bag for those;  they have been the least of my complaints.  You don’t have to be a nurse to figure that I’ve been fairly obsessed with pooping.  You’d think they’d invent a better laxative, wouldn’t you?  Maybe mix it in with the Lortabs.  I  think I’ve got the problem worked out…um, TMI?

So, after I landed back on the Sonnystone runway, I began to worry.  The doctor has me a little confused, partly because he spoke to Casey after the surgery (a lot of good it would have done to talk to me), and partly because he does not use a familiar metaphor to describe the size of the cysts…  I am probably most comfortable with the citrus metaphor, e.g. “size of an orange, grapefruit” , but could easily understand using legumes in this setting, e.g. “size of a walnut, pecan”.  Dr. D, however, used size of his “pinky”  (the small, hidden ovary) versus his “thumb” (the scary ovary).   He said there was a lot of “goop” he cleaned out—all this is according to Casey–and  he mentioned “adhesions”, but said all the tissue was sent over to “the guys who own the microscopes” and he’ll share the results with me tomorrow.


No matter what the verdict, Saturday is still Derby Day!!!  and I’ll be doing Something Fun…

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still riveted

Are you watching the Games?  You really should…

I have never wanted to be an athlete of Any Kind.  It’s not Just that I have no discipline, but also that I might get hurt.  I admire so much the fearlessness of the Olympic Heroes; their hard work and the aforementioned discipline that consumes them stirs something inside all of us.  Come on, don’t tell me you don’t cry, whether  they’re standing on the podium, or if they blow it with one little mistake…

If you haven’t paid enough attention to cry, just use this little ad as a primer…

Now turn on the coverage…  (say what you will about Russia, their costumes are the Best)

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Cousin Lana and I were pleased with “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” last Thursday night.  I was skeptical going in, but it was very enjoyable.   I ran into Motz and Middle, the dynamic duo that taught my kids at Thompkins;  they were wearing their matching tuxes, ushering the crowds to their seats.  (retirement looks good on those two)

I met up with some high-school friends the other night, and made a new friend…  It had been 20 years since I’d visited with Nancy, and Martha and I just renewed our friendship in person last August…   I’m not sure how I hadn’t met Nancy’s sister, Cindy, before…she seemed like someone I’ve known forever.  We had a great time!  I hope we can go out again, soon-ish, and maybe I could stay up past midnight next time…

Nancy, me, Martha, Cindy


We met up at the Bokeh Lounge, a place I’ve been meaning to visit.  The music was Opal Fly and the saxophone player was Roy Conner…


After talking through a session there, we went down to Boogie Nights, a Disco where Cindy’s kids work.  I didn’t feel old…much…

Our furnace is broken…oh, well, I was wondering what to do with my money.   It’s turned cool, but we ought to be able to just cuddle for warmth until the professionals can make a housecall.

Stay warm…