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picture post

Back home, back to work, but still a little emotional about our trip.  I don’t know why this one is getting to me, but tears are just below the surface, sometimes overflowing, as I edit the photos.  My attempts to organize  them resulted in an almost-hour of trying to unlock them so wordpress would publish them…  As a result, I’ve spent most of the morning just trying to post these few…maybe those are tears of frustration???

First stop:  Teacups
3 from the carousel…

As our midwestern burgh attempts to keep up with the northeast, we’re expecting 6+ inches of snow tomorrow…so I’m going to get out in this sunshine before I’m trapped inside the house again.    I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to share with you then.


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I couldn’t chronicle the magic act as well as I would like—one child would put the blanket over the other, say the magic words, and oila! when she’d pull it off the child was no longer under the blanket (but could be seen running into the next room giggling).


I was pretty pouty, what with having to work the week-end at Ellis and all, but Grandpa Saved the Day and the kids had a magical time at the zoo on Saturday and building a fort on Sunday.  There was a big thunderstorm last night and we all stood out on the porch to fully experience it.  We watched “Summer Magic”  before bedtime (appreciated mostly by Melissa and me);  Free sweet corn and watermelons from the track have kept us well-fed… I think they’re having fun…