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Autumn Garden Journal #2

Yesterday I slept in, lulled back to sleep by the relentless rain.  It carried on all day and by mid-afternoon had morphed into a Big Wind that littered the ground with branches and leaves. We had some Strong Gusts and I’m curious to see if any trees came down in the woods.   By sunset, we could see the sun and today should be okay.

These pictures were taken Friday, Before the Storm…

The roses are blooming away.  The purple coneflower is still a bird-magnet.

All that’s left of the edible garden:  Pineapple Sage and Asparagus ferns.

The birds have been frolicking in the bird bath. I so enjoyed watching that I didn’t catch a shot of them splashing around…

It’s predicted that Jack Frost will arrive to paint our trees their best oranges, reds, and yellows on Halloween.  I love his work and the trees are primed…

Keep on Growing…

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We’ve thrown ourselves into the Garden work–my Favorite time of Year!  We’ve cleaned all of the garden beds, the garden shed, and the back porch.  Casey added 4 feet of space to my squash bed and made another 2’x4′ bed to connect two rows…

Ronnie’s Fruit Stand, aka Variety Village, has started their weekly truck deliveries of plants.  The ladies who work there are like old friends and we’re always so happy to be seeing each other again.  I brought home some liatris, garden phlox, echinacea, marigolds, pinks…  I just had to buy Something!

We put a lot of time into our Outside Space and it’s a joy, but it is beyond joy–it’s veritable Awe!– when I walk down toward the Thoughtful Spot and marvel at Mother Nature’s Garden…

I’ll be posting weekly over at Growing Every Season now.  In addition to our usual gardens, we have Big Plans for a garden using only native plants that nourish our bird friends (not the Turkeys, though).  I hope you’ll visit when you can!




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Spring is here!!  I’ve been outside—OUTSIDE!!!  For so long I have sat by the fire, imagining what all I would do as soon as it warmed up…  I was almost overwhelmed, wanting to do everything!!  But I have calmed down…

I planted seeds:  peas, carrots, beets, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and mustard.  My zucchini and yellow squash have been set out.  Cilantro has been planted.  Casey planted the asparagus.

We had to move the 4 leftover rose bushes out of the veggie garden where they had spent the winter.   I moved around some daisies in the north garden to make room,  and it’s rather full now.

 The lawn was a sea of flowers, but the dandelions were all puff-balls, so we managed to mow just before the rains.


My containers are ready, and I’m going to fill them with lavender, rosemary, basil, and whatever I come up with, while it rains the next couple of days.  (it’s a Warm Rain, not even Snain, nowhere close to snow)

I’m just giddy… Welcome, glad Spring!