The Sunday Scoop

I’ve got not just 1 scoop, not just 2 scoops, but 3, maybe 4, scoops this week!

Kitchen Remodel Update: All of the cabinets have been painted (and cleaned), the glassfront cabinet has been painted (white for now because we’re almost out of blue). Everything looks clean and crisp.

Phase 2 includes moving the refrigerator, hanging some new wallboard, putting in a base cabinet (already purchased), new countertop and lots more behind-the-scenes stuff like finding a place for everything. We hope to be done in 2 weeks, but availability of countertop may affect that goal.

I had the honor of accompanying my #2 grandie in the Indiana State music competition where she sang “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme”. We’ve had a lot of fun preparing and practicing, and she was awarded a Gold medal for her efforts! #2 is an 8th-grader now, a sweet girl, and I am so proud of her…

I have been busy with genealogy research and was able to write and publish two posts last week.

The first is The Maynes of Albion 1910-1925.

The second is The Stallings Family 1910-1925.

I’d love it if you’d click on over and read those; I think you’ll enjoy the stories. Update 1/31/2022: I have unlinked those posts to edit them… I have discovered new newspaper clippings that tore holes in my timeline. I don’t have to start completely over, but there’s a lot that needs to be corrected. >sigh< I really liked the story the way I told it…

Sometimes I feel a little haunted by all these greats and grands living in my mind, but then I wonder if it’s not really me haunting them

So that’s the News from Sonnystone Acres for this week.

Next week will probably be more of the same, but you never know…


Sunday Report 2/7/2021

We got our #1 covid vax!

After hearing all the stories of horrendous waits and desperate travel to other counties for the shots, I’m here to tell you it was easy. I had signed up for notifications from the Indiana Department of Health through Deaconess Hospital. On Monday, I got a text from the IDOH saying the vaccines were now open to those 65+ (down from 70+). I jumped right up, went to my computer where I had bookmarked the Deaconess appointment site and literally, honestly, within 3 minutes I had Casey and me signed up for 6:10pm just two days later.

The clinic area that we chose (the old Welborn Clinic) is not currently being used, so it was a great idea to open it up for these purposes. We were quickly signed in, waited less than 5 minutes in a large waiting area, escorted back to an exam room where a pharmacist explained the process and administered the Pfizer vaccination in our left arms. We returned to the waiting room and sat for 15 minutes before exiting. Voila!

The Health Department checks on us via text every day, asking if we’ve had any side effects, which is kinda cool. We return on the 24th for our #2, which is supposed to be the one where you feel like crap. #1 caused no problems for either of us.

Of course, we’ll still be wearing the masks for a While, but this is a nice feeling of protection. I expect these will become like flu shots and have to change up for variants in the future. In my younger years, I would Laugh in the Face of Flu! Every year when the season surrounded me with complaining patients, I would Scoff derisively at their puny immune systems, arrogant about my own, and sure as hell didn’t wear a Mask. I was SuperNurse and in all those years I never caught the flu virus.

It was After I retired, when all exposure to germy humanity was minimal, that Influenza got me. I discounted the symptoms, calling it a ‘bad cold’ for a while, until I coughed so hard I couldn’t breathe, ran a fever to 103, sweated it off, and finally showed up at the doctor with pneumonia…good nurse… I was sick for over a month and my lungs have never been the same… This old lady gets a flu shot now…

What I saw of Covid looked like pneumonia on steroids…or should I say off steroids…and I’m not sure I would survive it.

Anyway, that’s the big excitement this week, other than last night’s snow. It’s a pretty snow, about two inches of it outlining the tree branches and just covering the ground. The bird feeders are busier than ever as the temperatures go arctic, so we’re making sure there’s plenty for everyone.

I’m going to make some potato soup and get back to my new project: I’ve torn down the upstairs in order to clean and it looks like there’s plenty of filth to keep me busy for a couple of weeks as we make our way through Winter.


Sunday Report 12-27-2020

I was going to write something wonderfully pithy, probably touching your heart, possibly changing your whole outlook on life, but Melissa called and we chatted for a good little bit about The Beatles…

(By a “good little bit” I mean an hour or so… Okay, it wasn’t All about the Beatles, but it was about the Music she grew up with which is the Albums that I played over and over again on the stereo with the speakers hanging in macrame hangers…)

Now whatever it was I was going to write about seems melodramatic and overwrought, so Thank the Beatles for sparing you…

Anyway, the spark of the conversation is a movie trailer that Emma shared with me yesterday. I am so excited about this! Something to look forward to…

That’s all I got on this Last Sunday Report of 2020…


Mid-Week Missive

As soon as we’d unpacked from our Disney Celebration, we began to decorate the house and grounds for Christmas. We are quarantining for 10 days, keeping busy preparing the tree for Olivia and Samantha to decorate this week-end.

Bringing down the Christmas decorations is like Archaeology, the deeper levels going back to My childhood in the 50s and 60s, followed by my children’s childhood in the 70s and 80s, culminating in the 21st century additions from the grandies. We have tons of string lights–white, icicles, multi-colored — and no matter how many times we check them, some will whimsically go dark after they’ve been arranged on the tree; so I’m off to buy some new strands this morning.

Our new neighbors, the tree-killers, have lit up their house with bright white, triggering our inner Competitor. Our icicle lights produce about 50,000 Lux, illuminating the front garden in cold white, and we haven’t used them in several years. They will overwhelm the paltry lights of the rest of the neighbors…hahaha >evil laugh<…and Casey is using the fair weather to hang them All Around the Homeplace.

Inside, I’m still working on the Disney Pictures. Here’s what I’ve got for you…

We’re still feeling the Magic from the Trip…

Hope you’re feeling Christmas-y…