Sunday Report 1-10-2021

Last week’s Report (1-3-2021) ended with these Words…

“I admit, I’m very concerned about what’s going on in our country right now. I feel that I can’t exhale until Biden is safely inaugurated. Hope is an action word. Stay Strong. “

Then Wednesday, January 6, happened. You don’t have to be psychic to have seen this coming. As I watched the horrifying images of the insurrection in real time, my stomach churned and my heart ached. When we were able to process what and who and why it became clear that this was planned. They had bombs, molotov cocktails for this revolting revolt. The truth probably will not come out until he is Finally out of office, but mark my words.

Not everyone who voted for the loser is backing the idea of a violent overthrow of our government, but it seems that most of them believe that Democrats are evil, Speaker Pelosi is a bitch, and that any state that didn’t have a majority of votes for their tyrant must have cheated. Many have now turned on Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and any other Republican who acknowledges that Joe Biden won this election fair and square. Their news networks reinforce those lies.

I’m just sick about it. As you saw, there were no counter-protesters at that event; social media warned us that this would be bloody. It was well-planned by some, proven by their merchandise: jackets saying “civil war January 6, 2021”. The flags, the hats, the vile tee shirts; streaming selfies and gloating about their vandalism all show that these people expected no consequences for their actions and were prepared to stop the Electoral Count. Thank God they failed at that, but they sure did succeed in every other way, most of them just walking out after their marauding, told to “go home” “we love you”.

Throughout the last 4 years I have preached about Peace, but today I am furious, enraged, and struggling to find a way through this fear and stay away from hate. It’s difficult.

I’ve been listening to George Harrison. We all need to listen to George Harrison…

Now the darkness only stays at night time.
In the morning it will fade away.
Daylight is good at arriving at the Right Time.
It’s not always going
To be this grey.

All things must pass.

January 20 cannot come soon enough.

Please join me to Pray for Peace within our hearts and for the United States of America.

Rave On, MadWoman…

This election has me rather stunned, though I had thought to steel myself for Anything. Anything is what we got, but I feel like we’re playing Freeze Dance and the DJ walked away leaving me frozen on one foot, waiting to exhale.

Interesting tidbit: In small towns and counties, it’s not unusual (about 40 in 500) for a single vote to put a candidate in the winner’s circle and Ties do happen. There are a variety of ways in which tied elections are settled. Some are decided by drawing lots or other games of chances. Others lead to a runoff or special election. Still others are decided by some third party such as the legislature or a high-ranking elected official. In one case in Crawfordsville, Indiana, in 1891, it was settled with a 200-yard footrace. In that case William Simms seemed to be cruising to an easy victory for County Treasurer when he tripped and fell 3 yards from the finish line allowing Frank Hollowell to win the race instead.

A footrace between our Presidential candidates sounds pretty pathetic, but maybe a game of chance? Trivial pursuit, baby boomer edition?

Before the Bush v. Gore debacle in 2000, there had been only three presidents elected without a plurality of the popular votes. Since then, it has happened twice, now possibly three times, but that’s the way we do it here in America, where the losers win in the electoral college.

It’s a beautiful day and we all need to go for a walk, doncha think? Inhale. Exhale. Don’t worry. Everything is okay.

Peace, Peeps…