Back at the Track

Ellis Park, home of thoroughbred racing, opened Friday, but the torrential rains and subsequent humidity kept us away. Today felt humid to me, but there was a nice breeze and we sat in the shade. All of the turf races were moved onto the dirt, so horses were scratched like crazy — there were only four horses in the first race. I was griping, not really feeeling any of the horses/jockeys/names, so sure enough, I lost every bet. When I am not feeeling it, there’s nothing to be done, so I only bet three races ($6) and we came on home. I’ll be going back on Friday and hopefully I can sync in…

But there’s so much more to the races than betting my $2 show wager–

exciting races run by beautiful horses

and fine company…

Lana and Charley met up with us, and they were actually winning…

I must remember to take flat Ronna next time to bring me luck…

It looks like a beautiful week ahead for us; hope it’s just as nice in your neck of the woods…


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