Flashback Friday

I hate that we missed Zydeco Night at the WC Handy Blues Fest…again. While we didn’t always make it on the Thursday when the Cajuns perform, we always drove across the river to Henderson, KY for at least one of the nights to hear Super Musicians, tapping our feet under the trees in Audubon Mill Park on the riverfront — until Covid. It’s now been three years since we’ve attended and we’re ready to go. Yesterday was too damn hot (96 feels like 104) for these two old folks, but a storm has blown through and cooled us off for the weekend, so I’m excited to be crossing the bridge tonight or tomorrow.

Let’s step into the WayBack Machine and set the dial for 2013, June, when we had a great time at Zydeco Night…and so did Flat Ronna…

up all night…


I can’t sleep.  I tossed and turned, told my brain to STFU, finally got up and have exhausted every bookmark on this computer.   I have an appointment in the morning, so it’s too late to take a chill-pill…I’m doomed…

Here’s some pictures of last night’s Blues Festival headliners, Voice of the Wetlands Allstars.   The Allstars are a group of New Orleans musicians pulled together by Tab Benoit to raise awareness of the erosion of the Gulf Coast wetlands (beginning before Katrina, actually).

bluesfest 058
bluesfest 061

The version visiting Henderson last night included Benoit on guitar; Cyril Neville belting some blues and playing percussion;  Johnny Sansone made the harmonica wail and played accordion for some zydeco;  legendary drummer Johnny Vidocovich; a remarkable bassist,  Corey Dupelchin;  Waylon Thibideaux playing an electric fiddle that was way cool;  and the cherry on the sundae:

 Big Chief Monk Beaudreaux brought it on home…

bluesfest 079
bluesfest 083

Boy-child, his lovely bride, and their precocious daughter were with us.  The weather was Ohio River Valley Summertime, complete with sweat and chiggers…Olivia loved the waterpark and I sure wished I could have cooled off with her…

bluesfest 002

Charley and Lana were with us, as well…

bluesfest 040
casey and charley

But, as always, my Twin Cousin, Ronna Lynn Loppnow, was the Life of the Party…

bluesfest 025

(Ronna lives down near Houston, TX and we don’t get to see her very often, so Lana and I try to take her with us when we’re having the Most Fun)

I guess I’d better try to get some rest…

Back here in 2022, I’m grabbing my lawn chair, bug spray, and Flat Ronna; we’re ready to Party!


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