Summer Kick-Off

We’re going to have Weekly Sleep-overs this June, every Tuesday-Wednesday, but our High-Schooler will decide on a week-to-week basis whether she spends the night. Yesterday it was only Samantha, a very tired Samantha at that. We watched some Disney–I love Encanto, so it’s okay to watch it again and again. We did some art and made our own pizzas and she fell out early. This morning we met up with her Mom and Sister at the Oaklyn Library where they’re kicking off their Summer Reading Program.

I came home after dropping them off and we’re catching up with our chores and debating when to set up the pool. Usually it’s up by Memorial Day, but Casey hasn’t been feeling well. Off-schedule makes me nervous, but I’m also not in the mood to put my bathing suit on… In the meantime, he’s out buying a new charcoal grill and when we get the charcoal burning, the Summertime Smell should inspire us, though it probably won’t help with my swimsuit dread…

The Platinum Jubilee is going Strong in London and Trooping the Colour is tomorrow morning, 10am. I’ll be up at 3am to catch it streaming and I’m so excited! Yesterday people started camping out along the mall in front of Buckingham Palace, so I’m back to feeling like I Did make the right decision when I cancelled the reservation for this week. Much better to have a front row seat in front of the telly…

Prince William checking his regiment last week, preparing for the Big Day…


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