The Great Backyard Bird Count!

There’s a neat activity for us this week, one that costs nothing, takes very little time, and helps the environment. Our very own Bird Lady, Sharon Sorenson, talked about it a couple of weeks ago.

Sharon Sorenson’s article on The Bird Count 1-28-22

 Here’s all you need to do to participate…

Step 1: Decide where you will watch birds.

Step 2: Watch birds for 15 minutes or more, at least once over the four days, February 18-21, 2022.

Step 3: Count all the birds you see or hear within your planned time/location and use the best tool for sharing your bird sightings.

In order to submit your info to this “largest community-science event, sponsored by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Audubon Association, and Bird Studies Canada: visit this site:

It’s really fun! Write down the dates: February 18-21. Get a head start on identifying your backyard birds and spread out to count birds in the parks, too!

I’m headed out to see “MAC BETH” –not Macbeth– with Cousin Lana today at the UE May Studio Theatre. I don’t think flat-Ronna wants to attend, but she’s due for a mood-swing, so ya never know.

The kitchen is now completely ready for new counter top and we hope to order it this Monday. I don’t think we can exactly match our old stuff, but we’ll do our best.

Casey would like to paint some more walls and such, but we’re gearing up for Birthday Week. We’ll start Saturday 2/19 with a party for Samantha, who turns 7 on 2/22/22, a Tuesday. The next day we’re leaving for WDW for another Very Disney Birthday, my 69th on 2/23/22.

Check out those websites and get started with the 25th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count, friends. Watching the birds is so zen- I think you’ll like it!

Carolina Wren, picture by Gary Mueller 2021


2 thoughts on “The Great Backyard Bird Count!

  1. We just put up two bird feeders and water and have had fun watching the birds come and go right up until we saw how many woodpeckers we’d attracted. Hmm. And your kitchen looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Bet you can’t either.


    1. Why don’t you like woodpeckers? We attract all kinds, red-bellied, hairy, and downy and they don’t bully at all, though the red-belly is a little awkward. It’s the spatsies that aggravate us; we regularly pound on the windows to scare them off! We’re off to order countertop today and yes, I’m ready to be finished.


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