Four Years Ago

The High of Inauguration Day has worn off and the Work has begun. We knew it would be a monumental task to undo all that was done, but the strength and resolve we learned throughout the last four years have readied us.

It started with the Million Woman March on January 21, 2017. Some of my friends went to DC wearing pink pussyhats…what? no body armor? No one was arrested in DC and there were very few in other places. The momentum from that march led to the Democrats regaining the House in 2018 and in 2020 winning the presidency and tying the Senate.

It’s a sharp contrast between the angry, violent mob of rioters of January 6 and the massive congregation of diverse women who came together on 1/21/2017—though I did see a woman carrying a sign reading: “I am very upset.”

I did a little marching myself….

Blast from the Past…

Date: January 22, 2017 Author: Jo Mayne Casey

The Women’s Marches around the world yesterday were absolutely exhilarating to those of us who have felt despondent since November 9.  It was a fabulous showing of solidarity, one that sprang up spontaneously on facebook.  Even Eville sent out 2 buses!  The local marches were just as inspiring—throughout the red states there were strong women emerging from their post-election funk to join together, rise up, and use their Voices against policies and politicians who would limit our liberties.


Our Eville March was a small affair, its theme was “With Liberty and Justice For All”, presenting 4 wonderful speakers who shared their hope for a world where All can feel safe and free.  A poem written for the occasion called it “the inauguration day of a new movement”.  Then the crowd moved down the riverfront to Main and up to the Library…


At the library, there were over 20 groups represented with volunteer sign-up sheets and lots of info about their causes and missions.  By the time I left, the place was packed…


 I hope that in your world you are looking out for groups that promote social justice and peace.

We can’t stop now…Keep on working for Peace, in your heart and in the world…

We are All One…

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