Growing Every Season

Back on June 18, I wrote this in my Garden Journal:

This is milkweed, Asclepias spp., the Only plant that monarch butterfly larvae can eat.  It’s new this year, bought at the Zoo plant sale, and it might take a while to do its magnet thing.

Jo Mayne Casey, Garden Journal 6/18/2020

The Monarch butterflies had no problem finding it. For the last couple of weeks I have spotted monarchs munching on the zinnias and recently observed a couple of them feeding at the hummingbird feeder! When I checked the milkweek — Lo and Behold! monarch caterpillars have taken residence. So. Cool.

Slowly, but surely, the Edible Garden is being harvested.

The Birds are still wearing out the feeders, the migrants flocking in for baths, drinks, and grub. I’m watching the buds of the mums, which seem to be taking Forever to bloom…

Gardening involves quite a bit of waiting, but gives you plenty to do in the meantime. We’ve got the firewood brought up to the front porch and the outdoor furniture put in the cellar. The Fall Decorations are out. We’re eating well…

But I’m getting impatient, ready for the Proof of Autumn — mums in bloom..

Almost There…

Keep on Growing…

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