another week-end wrap-up

To celebrate 10 years of blogging, we start a series of Re-blogs…

This is a post from June 27, 2010

Wow!  Ten Years!*…Seems like a Decade!! We could roam around at will, and we did. If everyone would just wear a mask, by next year we could have all our fests back…

* note it was “Before the Trees Fell”…before we screened in the front porch.


Blather & Balderdash

this has been a very uneventful week-end.  it’s rather tempting to make up some exotic story to impress and entertain you, but who do you think you are, anyway? if i’m bored, you can be, too.  friday casey was off, so we did the rummage sales and farmers’ market.  he spent the rest of the day getting ready for a Scout biking/camping trip while i gardened and cooked.  the rest of the week-end,  i stayed close to home, gardening, computing, reading, eating…….


casey did have an interesting story when he returned this afternoon.  some caggies brought a large family-size tent (considered wuss-ish by real scouts who sleep in pup tents or some such primitive structure) and were only using it for 2 people, so he just threw down his bedroll in the front part and settled down to sleep.  before he drifted off, he heard something and felt something…

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