A Collective Moment

We’re All feeling it, though some are scared and others defiant.  All of us are affected by the shut-down of schools, libraries, museums.  I still don’t get the run on toilet paper and groceries, but my usual grocery pick-up order from Walmart was cancelled because they ran out of stock.   I made my way down to Schnucks and the IGA today and witnessed for myself the empty shelves.  The workers are somewhat stunned from the long lines and the supply trucks have been diverted to larger stores, so they’re not sure when they’ll be able to restock.  Crazy.

Yes, there have been so many reactions of this pandemic. My heart goes out to the healthcare workers and their families on the front line of this epidemic.  I am so grateful for their selfless service.  Our governor is doing a good job of handling things here in Indiana and I’m hoping that other state governments have stepped up, too.

Life here at Sonnystone has always been a bit like “self-isolation”, so it hasn’t changed much.  Seems to me that it’s a good time to Practice Being Present.  We are fine and so are our loved ones. We are grateful beyond words for our health and wealth.  No dark imaginings, we are distancing from fear or worry. There are books to read, Netflix to watch, music is everywhere.  Right Here, Right Now I breathe in Love and breathe out Peace.  Now Smile.  Really, make yourself Smile…it’ll do you a World of Good.

Since getting back from Florida we’ve planted potatoes, onions, and peas, brought out the over-winters, and started work in the  Peace/Bird Garden.  I’m ready to Revive my Garden Blog this week andsSince you will have a little time on your hands, you’ll want to follow along.

Remember this from “Desiderata”

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams

it is still a Beautiful world.

Be Careful.  Strive to be Happy.


Peace, dear Readers


2 thoughts on “A Collective Moment

  1. Sophie M Martel

    Hi Jo! Always a real pleasure to read your posts. PLEASE! Tell your family to stay where they are. Stay safe all and read about the sanitary measures taken in other countries than the States as your president isn’t moving as fast as he should because he prioritizes money over health for his citizens. Please………. take care and be safe!
    Here in Quebec, he stay home, no schools opened and travel is not suggested. COVID-19 is an invisible enemy and the problem is that we don’t know where it stays and who it will touch. We know now that in some countries, doctors now have to choose who will get to be saved and who will die… There is not sufficient equipment to save everybody. They let go 8o yo , then 70yo ad they now let go on 60yo!!!!! We don’t want that to happen anywhere and that’s the reason why everybody should take this seriously and stay where they are to stop propagating the virus.
    Sending you lots of love in this difficult period and wishing you all health and prosperity.

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    1. It is surreal, isnt it? I Hate being in the High Risk group! 67 doesn’t feel elderly, but I am being as careful as if I were 87, because I want to live at least that long! Take care. Love you so much. 😘


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