Autumn Garden Journal #3

Though today is sunny and the high temps will reach to nearly 60 degrees, we’re going to be slammed with Frigid Air and possible Snow tonight and tomorrow morning.  The leaves are falling quickly and Casey has been mulching them up as well as using them to cover the roots of our vulnerable roses.  I’ll bring in the mums from the porch today and I’m done for the growing season; time to watch the Birds, just as I dreamed back in the Spring.

I’m working on re-potting my African Violets and Spider Plants, searching around for the correct containers and such.  Whilst researching proper replanting techniques, I discovered that I’ve actually been doing everything wrong with the violets. Since they have grown and bloomed 2-3 times a year for the last 6 or so years, I never suspected.  Now I’m worried that if I do what the experts say they’ll up and die, so I’m dragging my feet. My spider plants just need to be divided, so I’ll start there.

It’s Zoo Member Appreciation Day and we’re going to pick up Olivia and Samantha and go out and be Appreciated.  We’ve been members for Years, but have never attended this event.  They’re pretty vague about what to expect, but there’s supposed to be Animal Encounters and Snacks, so I’m up for it.

Fire up the Woodstoves!  Wintry Air Blasts Expected!


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