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Delay Tactics

Okay, I admit it…I’m procrastinating again…  I picked up a book,

…and decided I need to read up.  Here’s what Amazon says about the book…

 In Process, acclaimed journalist Sarah Stodola examines the creative methods of literature’s most transformative figures. Each chapter contains a mini biography of one of the world’s most lauded authors, focused solely on his or her writing process. Unlike how-to books that preach writing techniques or rules, Process puts the true methods of writers on display in their most captivating incarnation: within the context of the lives from which they sprang. Drawn from both existing material and original research and interviews, Stodola brings to light the fascinating, unique, and illuminating techniques behind these literary behemoths.

Oh, I wanna be like them!  Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, F. Scott Fitzgerald…not Hemingway, though.  (hemingway was an ass)  The author goes through each individual’s process, many of whom procrastinate like crazy before they finally sit down and put pen to paper, so I feel like I’m in good company.

Nearly all of the more current authors have methods to keep themselves from falling into the black hole of the internet.  Zadie Smith first used apps to monitor her time online and eventually withdrew completely.  Margaret Atwood has two computers in her office:  one with internet, one without.  She allows herself 10 minutes each day on Twitter, which she thinks is the best social media platform,  and is involved with some online writing forums, but otherwise has disciplined herself to look away.

It covers a lot of oldtimers, too. Edith Wharton famously wrote in bed every morning, tossing each full page of writing on the floor for the help to pick up and take to the typist.  F. Scott wrote for $$ and revised or even rewrote when Max Perkins suggested.

Fascinating stuff, I tell you, and a perfect way to avoid writing, but hey, Toni Morrison usually has most of her books written in her head before she sits down to write.  Yeah, I’m just like her.

In the guise of research, I have googled 1890s and 1900s so often that Mr.G blithely fills in the blanks for me:  fashion, morals, entertainment.  I am immersed in imagining life at the turn of the 20th century, what they wore, how they traveled, what music they listened to…   It’s a sure-fire distraction, as I sit tapping my foot to Ragtime…

But ultimately, people are people in every decade or era.  They grow up to be products of their culture, but inside they struggle, just like me, to figure out how to rise above their circumstances.

So, I gotta get back to the actual writing…or maybe dance…




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challenges, challenges

Every January I sign up with the Goodreads book challenge and Every November and December I find myself frantically reading books to meet the goal.  I was up until very early doing “easy” reading, stories that are sort of romantic mysteries.  I have searched for Kindle singles and have hope that I can get these last 6 –yes, six– books read.   I read from a kindle or a nook, mostly, but since I need to catch up quickly, I’m heading over to the library to find some nice mystery series that will keep me interested…or that’s the plan, anyway.

We didn’t get any snow, though I understand that the State was on alert for flurries.  The rosebushes are ready for anything, though…check it out…

We’re doing some experimenting in the conservatory.  When the sun is up, the temps stay about 10degrees above the outside.  At night, there is little difference between inside and out, so with lows in the 20’s, I want to add some heat.  We have a couple of space heaters for now, but I don’t want to see my electric bill go crazy, so we’re thinking a kerosene heater would be nice.  So far, everything is doing real well out there…

Those low temps bit the leaves right off the trees that were so beautiful just day-before-yesterday…

It feels like a day to make some soup and curl up with a book, or two…  I hope you are warm and cozy this lovely Sunday…



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I’m determined to write daily in November, but if I am to judge by this morning, my subconscious is equally determined to not… I’ve cycled through most of these distractions….

Procrastination has always been my m.o. (“if I start writing now, when I’m not really rested, it could upset my thinking, which is no good at all”…Charlie Brown), but modern times have added distractions beyond my ability to ignore.   I open up the computer and I’m like a fly caught up in a Worldwide Web, clicking away at who-knows-what until I forget what I originally started to do.

November is Officially National Novel Writing Month  and I Officially accept The November Writing Challenge.  The Distractions are many and Ours is shaping up to be busy with grandkids, as Jess has a surgery scheduled next week and is going out of town for work week-after-that.  Of course, we’ll vote next Tuesday.  Thanksgiving is just a big blank on the calendar right now, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something festive.

In the meantime, that’s all I’ve got for today, except for this Distraction meant to distract you from the fact that I didn’t really write anything…just told you I’m going to, or will try…

Last night’s Trick-or-Treaters