Whimsical Wednesday

Wow!  This has been the longest spell of not-blogging that I have had in 6 years…  Why? you ask?  4 days of travel, 7 of Disney World, and all of the activity that goes with vacationing, including the work, plus the nasty allergy-type coughing, snottiness that I picked up somewhere in Alabama.

We had a wonderful time at Walt Disney World with the Jr family.  We’ve been busy cleaning up and catching up, so part of the problem is that I’ve not taken the time to download anything from WDW and I’m still extremely challenged with uploading the phone stuff–they are in google pictures and wordpress cannot find them.

I took the Nikon along on the first day when we visited Animal Kingdom, but took only a half-dozen or so shots.  As I’ve mentioned, it is a done-for camera and most of the pics I took were out of focus.  This is what I’ve got to share.

We were the “Family of the Day” at the Satu’li Canteen…(our server took the picture)


Rivers of Light and the Tree of Life

I Loved the Rivers of Light Show because it is My Theme, My Mantra, My Faith…

It’s our rite, it’s our call  Every creature great and small

If We stand alone   We stand to lose forever

Raise your hands to the sky  On this journey you and I

We’ll grow stronger than we know if we stand together

Feel the Rain  Face the Wind  Touch the Earth

And take it in…

Touch the Sea  Feel the light  Live the fullness of this life

Sand and stone  Flesh and bone  We are one

We are One, with the Oceans

Free to run, through the sunlight

Everyone, pure as water

Flowing in the wilderness

We are one in elation

Sound the drum, a celebration

            Touch the earth  Feel the sun

     We are One

           Touch the earth        Feel the sun
We are One

And that’s it for now…   I’m all caught up around the house now—laundry, gardening, cleaning up the trailer—and I’ve re-stocked the fridge.  I caught up with the mail and received my Medicare notice, immediately going into a funk of feeling old.  Old, I tell you.

Still, when I look at all the fun we had, even with the weather being ungodly hot and humid down there, I’m pretty satisfied that I can keep up with the youngsters.

This is just a tease.  I’ll be back soon with the Real Pictures and True Stories…

Get out the tissues and listen to the music…



Week-end Wrap-up

This winter has sure been whimsical…we went from snow to tornadoes to sunny and warm all in one week.   Those of us who live along the Tornado Highway learn to live with the terror of the Tornado Warnings.  Our area got hit with an F3, on the ground for 45 minutes.  It stayed about 25 miles away from us, so we’re very grateful.  The snow was flimsy, but I managed to get one picture before the melt…

The week-end arrived, all sunshiny and warm…  We took a walk down in our Woods (which we call Solla Sollew) to plan a work/clean/prune day.  Foliage is just starting to green, so it’s time.

Sunday after church we drove over to Audubon State Park, just across the money-savin’ bridge and hiked a short trail…

The place was packed with people out enjoying the spring-like day.  The park is small, but has a very nice museum about John James Audubon, who lived around there for many years.  Naturally, there was a lot of bird information, too, so we enjoyed it a lot.

Just down the road, under the north-bound bridge that spans the Ohio, is the Audubon Wetlands.  Just before you get to the wetlands, there is a pullover that looks out on the nest of a bald eagle.  It, too, was packed with people, as were the wetlands.  There are some great blue Herons that are heronizing in the wetlands, and we were quite keen to see them, but decided to wait for another day.

In fact, we’re excited about sneaking over in the early mornings through the week and watching the nesting of both the herons and the eagle.

Unless there are tornadoes or hurricanes, we’ll be traveling at the end of the month, so I’m deeply steeped in the planning.  We want to get away for the Solstice and return ready to get the New Garden going.  Must be patient.

Till the next time…


A day at the races…

Even though it was Thanksgiving, we didn’t buy the buffet tickets at Churchill Downs because we would have had to get up and out of here too early to suit us.  Instead, we lazied around and watched the Parade before we drove over to Louisville, arriving in time for the 7th of 12 races.  I made some of my trademark $2 show bets first, then grabbed some excellent BBQ from Smoky’s in the Cafe Court.   The crowds were sparse, so there was plenty of room in our box to spread out and chow down while I watched my horses fight it out for 3rd…only one made it, but it was the one with the longer odds…


Bellies full, we wandered back downstairs to get some drinks, make some bets, and take some pictures.  I love the Grey Goose Lily cocktail that comes in a souvenir glass with discounted refills…try it if you’re ever at Churchill.  I forked over another 80cents on wagers, then it was out to the paddock area—but we just missed the horses going out to the track.  Kentucky loves horse sculptures and they do it well…check out the life-size statue of Pat Day in the background…


Then we went trackside…

I didn’t know I was doing this, but I got shots of the gates closed, then jut as they opened…kinda cool…



It was a 1 1/8 mile race…here’s the field starting..


and here they are streaking for the finish…(my horse, Bird Song,  eeked it out to win)…


We stuck around for just one more drink and race, then cashed in my $6.40 winnings and drove home…

This could get to be a Thanksgiving tradition…  Hope you had fun, too!



the Bourbon Trail…

We took The Coach for a longer ride, leaving Wednesday afternoon and traveling to Kentucky Horse Park Campground in Lexington.  It was perfect weather, all sunshine and blue, with temperatures that flew right up the thermometer to the 80’s by the time we left on Saturday.  Camping at Kentucky Horse Park campground, we had a central location for our planned activities:  the bourbon trail, the Horse Park, and Keeneland Thoroughbred Racecourse.

Driving the Bourbon Trail, we made it to 7 of the required 9 Bourbon Distilleries.  We had taken the Trail several years back, 7?, and it was a smaller deal then. It has gotten so popular that both Jim Beam and Wild Turkey have built fancy new Visitors Centers.

The trail took us down back roads lined with stone walls and fences framing the acres of green bluegrass,  dotted with horses.  Driving back to Woodford Reserve is especially nice, taking us by brand-name horse farms.  Redbuds and dogwoods are blooming brightly among the leafing trees…check out the pictures…

  Wild Turkey made the mistake kind gesture  of leaving us alone in the tasting room…now it is

My New Favorite Bourbon…particularly Kentucky Spirit…

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey


I want to share more pictures of the trip with you,  but it is Really! Really! Spring Now!  I’m getting out to divide some daisies, plant some herbs, amend the soil; in short, I’m going out to the garden!!!

I’ll get by here to post the Horse Park, and Keeneland pictures tomorrow, I promise.

Go outside!