So long, September…

We seem to have finally crossed into Autumn around these parts and ’tis the season for pumpkins and mums. with some rudbeckia and scarecrows thrown in for good measure.

We spent Mon-Wed doing some babysitting duties, though Saman-THA is quick to let me know she’s not a baby anymore.  That’s okay, because she cuddles and plays, and fully embraces the fact that she will Always be My baby…

But babies aren’t allowed to play with play-doh, so that proves that she is a Big Girl…

We have finished up taking down the pool.  The peas look like they are struggling some, but the green beans are blooming and we should have a big mess of beans by mid-Oct.

Sevin spray on the cauliflower and broccoli has maybe  held off the worms, but I’m not sure what kind of crop we’ll get.  They still look pretty from a distance, though.

We pulled up the travel trailer from its dock in the back to our side yard and plan to keep it there through October.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a window of weather to trip in it, but there’s no definitive plan now.

I did my usual shuffling, pulled out the banquette table,  dragged out a round table I bought 30 years ago and it fits perfectly!  Now I’m going to hit up Joanne’s for fabric and re-do in Blue.  I’m super-excited to have a new sewing project..!

I’m going out to enjoy this beautiful day…walk in the woods, smile a lot, and fix up a super beet salad that I’ve had a hankering for…

I roasted beets and they are in the fridge, ready to be cut.  I’ll add some goat cheese and pecans, perhaps a little spinach, then drizzle it with a vinaigrette of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, and whatever other magic I come up with.  I’m not real good at recipes, always changing them up to suit myself, so you can bet it will get rave reviews when it’s served—from me, anyway!

Please take some time to send out thoughts of Love and Peace to the World today –and Every Day.  It really needs it.  #MeToo…




Postcard from Camp

Hello, Mudda!  Hello, Fadda!  If you get that, you’re old.  Camp Sonnystone is moving right along!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today we’re taking a field trip to Ellis Park to watch the horses run.  Kids are pretty good at picking the winners, actually.  I’m feeling better, but we lost a little rhythm while I was sick.

Still ahead is an Unbirthday Party, Water Balloon Blast, Rocket Launching, and finishing up PawPaw’s Scavenger Hunt.  Next week we’ll visit the zoo and the museum and there are several movies we want to watch.

Hope you’re having as much fun as we are!


Science and the Library

I’ve taken Samantha to Pre-School Science at the Library for the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed it immensely!   Olivia joins in after the opening storytime, and it’s fun for all ages…

Last week we learned about chemical reactions and exploded some diet coke with mentos, blew up a balloon by adding baking soda to vinegar, then made a lava lamp with water, oil, and antacids.  Genius.

Science is magic that works…. Kurt Vonnegut

Paradise will be a kind of library. —Jorge Luis Borges

I’m sorry to admit that I haven’t been doing my usual amount of reading these last months.  I’m keen to get back at it, though…  There’s no happier time than when I’m lost in a good story, hopefully one with a happy ending.   I’ve got a list of “to-be-read” that I’m going to tackle today and try to get caught up.  To keep up with my goodreads challenge I need to knock out 4/month!!!  Daunting task, so I’d better get started.


In the middle of the pouring rain…

Whew!  The summer-like weather has kept us Outside mingling our work and relaxation.  I’ve been away from the keyboard more and more as I rely on my phone for my internet fixes.

Just as the humidity was becoming unbearable, the rains have arrived.  I awoke to the rhythm of a straight-down-pour, almost invisible to my sleepy eyes.  I’ve spent the last week watering the gardens first thing every morning, so this was welcome.  As I was checking my a.m. routine folder, I heard a pop–or was it a plop?  I am the worst at following sound, always swearing it’s over there when it’s really over There, but it picked up speed and I was able to spot it about 9 feet away:  a leak from the roof.  Casey was still snoozing, so he got a rude awakening.  I put a pan under the leak and he went upstairs to check it out and place a pan up there.  Nothing can be done until the rains stop in a few days.  It’s always something, ya know?

The roses have obsessed me.  I think they will be all right (next year), but it has driven me crazy that they sit right in the front of the house, a testament to my poor gardening skills; they also look rather dead, no leaves at all.  Last year I experienced a similar Rose Disaster and so I had 4 “extra” over in the north garden that were unaffected by the slugs.  I angsted and angsted, hampered by my sick need to keep things symmetrical, and finally came up with a solution.  It involved moving all but 2 of the uglies, putting the 4 extras in, and filling in with daisies.  I’m Still not happy with the 2 that I left, but not nearly as obsessed.

Oddly, the one off by itself on the south side is just beautiful, no doubt due to my superior gardening skills!!

We had the Jr. girls over on Memorial Day, which just happened to be Michael and Jessica’s 13th (!!) wedding anniversary.    The grandies and I went to the zoo in the morning.  The afternoon was spent in the pool.  The happy couple joined us for supper.

When I get too anxious over my gardens and responsibilities, I like to take a walk down to the woods, sit in my thoughtful spot,  and admire Mother Nature’s work…it’s definitely not symmetrical, but its chaos is beautiful…





Weekly Report

One of the cardinal rules of blogging, if you want to keep a sustained readership, is to post with regularity.  So here we are, one week since my last check-in.  Hi, howya doin?

I was Wrong when I said Spring had Really arrived last week.  Just last night we had Another Frost…   It’s okay, though, because this really is it.  Tonight the lows are in the mid-40’s and then the lows rise into the 50s — highs up to 80!

All this garden talk goes over on my gardening blog, and I hope you’re not too bored with pictures of plants and beds of dirt.  It is an obsession this time of year, I admit.

Olivia and Samantha came over Saturday to play with us while their M&D saw the new Avengers movie.  We played croquet (the only game I rule) and walked in the woods, picking wildflowers and making wishes before we blew the dandelion puffs away.  I didn’t take any pictures, dang it.  Here’s one from our visit to B&N the other day…

This morning we visited the Antique and Collectible Show at the 4H, soaking up the sun, murmuring at the high prices.  I did get some $1 containers, the light styrofoam-like things, nothing antique.   We came away with some ideas, too.


The next few weeks are busy, especially The First Saturday in May — KY Derby Day #144.  Olivia has a piano concert at 2pm that day, and if the weather stays nice Casey and I will head over to Ellis to watch the Run for the Roses.  Don’t forget it’s also Cinco de Mayo… decisions, decisions…  Margaritas? Mint Juleps?  …or both…

Olivia turns 10 on the 9th and has a birthday party on the 12th, Mothers Day is the 13th.  In between, we’ll get the gardens planted, finally.

I’ve been studying the horses for the Derby, and I’ll let you know my conclusions in time to make a bet.



The week at Disney World flew by!  We arrived at Fort Wilderness campground on the 17th.  Our site was right on the corner, a little loud, but perfect for people-watching and listening from behind the trees…

We took in a nice sunset from the dock…

The Joses were due to arrive at 9am the next morning, but met up with faulty planes Twice, and didn’t arrive till 4 or so.  They stayed over at Wilderness Lodge, a quick boat trip away from our campground.  We met up with them at Disney Springs and bought our ears!! Then back to our homeplaces to rest…

(We use the Disney Memory Maker Photopass which pays for any pictures taken by the Disney Photographers who are placed all over all the parks, and even on the resorts…   These include the pictures they take from the rides and with many of the characters, and in the most iconic kodak spots.  Because I am an annual passholder, I get to keep all of the pictures forever in my Disney account, but that is a pain when you have to scroll through 400 pictures from our last trip to get to the new ones.  While Disney IT gets those deleted, I have to use the pictures taken from my camera.  Of course, this means you will have to endure the Movie made from the Disney shots later this week…)

On Monday we were in the Magic Kingdom…

Tuesday at Epcot…

Wednesday at Hollywood Studios, or as I like to call it, MGM… (Who knows what they’ll call it next)…

Wednesday evening, back to Disney Springs, where Eliza danced!!!

Thursday was All-Day-Magic over at the Kingdom…breakfast at 8am with the fellas from 100-acre Woods…

We had Terrific spots to watch the castle show and fireworks, but you’ll have to take my word for it, since I didn’t take any pictures this year.

After the fireworks, we braved the cold-ish temps to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train—this was the only time I could get a fast-pass, but it was a great way to finish off our trip! (pictures later via Disney)

We said our good-byes to the Jose’ kiddos  on Friday…


..but we stayed another day, so headed over to Epcot to dig in to the Flower and Garden Festival…  I’ll share those pictures in another post.

We haven’t seen the sun since we left Florida…







This has been about the least sparkly birthday I’ve had in recent memory.  I blame the poison rum (we didn’t even drink that much), but we have been draggy all week-end.  Could be the fact that there has been No Sunshine Just Rain and the associated gloom that goes with gray clouds and a pelting, pouring rain that started the opening lines of The Cat in the Hat looping through my brain…

the sun did not shine.
it was too wet to play.
so we sat in the house
all that cold, cold, wet day.

i sat there with casey.
we sat there, we two
and I said, "how i wish
we had something to do"
too wet to go out
and too cold to play ball.
so we sat in the house.
we did nothing at all.

so all we could do was to
and we did not like it.
not one little bit.  
                             (But there was no bump, that made us jump...)

All of this slo-o-o-w nothing has moved us to get moving.  We’ve changed up our travel plans and will be leaving next Sunday for various and sundry places in Florida.  We had planned on leaving by the 8th anyway, but why wait?  Did I mention it’s Dullsville around here?  I’m neck-deep in planning and we’ve been doing some re-arranging of the trailer, upgrading our shower, organizing the bathroom, preparing for a longer trip.  I’m so excited to get gone.

Yesterday we met up with the Jrs. at Gattitown to celebrate Samantha’s birthday with them and some of my daughter-in-law’s family! Rain does not stop the fun there and we had a great time…

Today the sun is out! We’re outside and loading up the camper..!

Instead of switching over to my travelblog, I’m going to make Sonnystone the Trailer Trippers, so All of my regular readers can share our trip with us. Stay tuned!