Heavy Heart

I’ve been so sad since the news of HM The Queen’s death, though many friends/family called to comfort me. The death of a 96-year-old woman is hardly shocking, but as my grand-daughter said, we felt that she was immortal. I saw it coming after Prince Philip died, but she managed to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, gifting us with three! trips to the balcony of Buckingham Palace, as well as that lovely video with Paddington. She was, to me, the epitome of a strong woman — even though she hardly had to work her way to the top or break through any glass ceiling. She held her own among World Leaders who would come and go, while she steadfastly kept her oath to serve her people until her last breath. This seismic shift under our feet must feel especially strong to the citizens of the UK, but it is truly felt around the globe.

And now my long-time crush is King Charles III. My heart goes out to him…yes, he was prepared for exactly what to do, from the funeral arrangements to what his actions should be to pull the country around him, but No One can prepare for the grief of losing your mother, no matter how old she is or you are.

I think back to 11-year-old me, writing that letter asking to be the pen-pal of then-Prince Charles, but my ulterior motive was to marry him, so I could be Queen of England. Seeing what the British Royal Family has to go through, I’m sure glad that plan failed! But the letter I received from HM The Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting made me a follower for life.

It is my Favorite Soap Opera, and especially compelling right now as we watch history unfold. But it’s a family who just lost a beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. This statement from the new Prince of Wales, William, expresses it beautifully.

There’s a lot more mourning to do in Great Britain, but I do hope American TV will stop with its 24/7 coverage until the funeral; they seem to be woefully uninformed about the British Monarchy, like they’ve learned what they know from MMarkle and took her word for it. It’s pretty disrespectful, really, and I’m tuned in to BBC, ITV, other British coverage of events.

We’re getting closer every day to our Disney Trip with the Jrs., so I have a pleasant distraction from the sadness. I’m just waiting for the funeral to have a real sob-fest…