Weekly Report

One of the cardinal rules of blogging, if you want to keep a sustained readership, is to post with regularity.  So here we are, one week since my last check-in.  Hi, howya doin?

I was Wrong when I said Spring had Really arrived last week.  Just last night we had Another Frost…   It’s okay, though, because this really is it.  Tonight the lows are in the mid-40’s and then the lows rise into the 50s — highs up to 80!

All this garden talk goes over on my gardening blog, and I hope you’re not too bored with pictures of plants and beds of dirt.  It is an obsession this time of year, I admit.

Olivia and Samantha came over Saturday to play with us while their M&D saw the new Avengers movie.  We played croquet (the only game I rule) and walked in the woods, picking wildflowers and making wishes before we blew the dandelion puffs away.  I didn’t take any pictures, dang it.  Here’s one from our visit to B&N the other day…

This morning we visited the Antique and Collectible Show at the 4H, soaking up the sun, murmuring at the high prices.  I did get some $1 containers, the light styrofoam-like things, nothing antique.   We came away with some ideas, too.


The next few weeks are busy, especially The First Saturday in May — KY Derby Day #144.  Olivia has a piano concert at 2pm that day, and if the weather stays nice Casey and I will head over to Ellis to watch the Run for the Roses.  Don’t forget it’s also Cinco de Mayo… decisions, decisions…  Margaritas? Mint Juleps?  …or both…

Olivia turns 10 on the 9th and has a birthday party on the 12th, Mothers Day is the 13th.  In between, we’ll get the gardens planted, finally.

I’ve been studying the horses for the Derby, and I’ll let you know my conclusions in time to make a bet.


Week-end Wrap-up

On Saturday evening we spent some time at Boo-at-the-Zoo, trick-or-treating with the Jrs. …

Taking advantage of the beautiful week-end weather, we sneaked in some gardening.  We trimmed and pruned, moved some things around,  and  the 2016 gardens are officially put away for the year.  Lessons have been learned, notes have been noted, and like anyone who gardens, we’re full of plans for next year.

We’ve been to the Smokies dozens of times, and have always wanted to camp inside the Park, but the idea of no electricity or water leaves me cold and thirsty…get it?  Haha.  We bought a generator to keep me in style, but they only allow generators from 8am to 8pm, so we’ve been doing a number of experiments to check our battery usage.  Casey is obsessed.  I’ve politely listened and nodded as he explained the amperages and voltages, using hydrometers and just how much the furnace draws when it kicks on and on…and on…

I am excited about the trip, though.  We’ll be staying in Smokemont Campground, something different for us.  We’ve stayed on the Cherokee, NC  side of the Park before, but more often we are on the Peaceful Side in Townsend, TN.  Cades Cove Campground was full, so we welcomed the change.  Look out Bears!   Stand back, Elk!  So far, the weather looks like it will be great too…

The week ahead is full of babysitting, meeting up with friends, and getting ready to go.

Peace, Out.