Week-end Wrap-up

Daylight Savings Time…is the extra hour at the end of the day worth the total discombobulation of my body?  I just wonder why we fell back in the first place.  I’m sure I love the extra sun, when it’s there, but the time-change thing seems random…

The rains have greened up the lawns and budded up the trees and shrubs.  The daffodils have been in bloom for over a week and the tulips are reaching for the sky.  Peonies are popping up and the daisies and coneflower are stretching out.  I bought a new garden journal and I’m going to keep it going past planting time this year, I promise.

The orchid show is still going on over at the Zoo and I spent both mornings this week-end meeting and greeting the visitors there.  I started back at the Yoga Center today and will be feeling it tomorrow, I’m sure, in a good way.  Like the flowers, my muscles are waking up, too.

Seems like Winter is on its way out, but I know all too well that you can never tell when there will be another snap of cold and even snow.  Still, the birds are starting back North and the home-birds are stirring around for nesting material.

I started a Photo 101 class with WordPress last week.  I’m posting the pictures daily over at the MadWoman site, so if you’ve wondered where I am, look there.  There is a theme and a lesson each day Mon-Fri.  These are my submissions to the prompts of:  Home, Street, Water, Bliss, and Solitude…

Sonnystone Acres 3/7/16

Sonnystone Acres 3/7/16

Franklin Street 3/8/16

Franklin Street 3/8/16

Rainy Day 3/9/16

Rainy Day  3/9/16

Music Room 3/10/16

Music Room   3/10/16

Central Library 3/11/16

Central Library 3/11/16

The Photo class continues for 3 more weeks. I start a Writing class on Thursday. I’ll be working over at the Zoo greenhouse propagating plans for the plant sale on Wednesday.   Seems like I go from Zero to Sixty quickly after the weather breaks.

7 more days until the Spring Equinox!!!  We’re going to make it, I believe.

Reporting in…

I have been writing a blog entry over at Madwoman for days–nay, a week now..!  It is an Intro to my birthday celebration, but it turned into a study of 1953, the sacred year of my birth.   Who would have predicted, back then, that I’d be using Wikipedia to research every aspect of the culture, then downloading  it from YouTube?  It is fascinating to view the old TV series, listen to the old music, while watching the old movies on DVD or Netflix.  The essay has been edited 25+ times, media has been added and subtracted, and I still can’t bring myself to post it…  Not sure why.  That’s where I’ve been…well, there and

I’ve been hitting the doctor office and labs and have more scheduled.  So far, I’m in pretty good shape for an old broad.  I have a few more procedures to look forward to, but I’m trying to get it all done before Spring Break (last week in March).


We got a new TV, larger. and I’ve been watching the Olympics.  It’s been a little painful, really.

(And what are These Guys Doing??)



I’m liking the Yoga. I’ve completed the intro sessions and looking for a class that fit my ability and my schedule.  I hope I’ll be continuing.


The school corporation is making up the last snow day by adding an extra hour to the school day for 6 days;  I wish they’d do this with All of the days and give us back our April days off.  Unlikely.  My hours at work will change some for those 6 days, but I’ve rather given up on controlling this weather-related crap.  It’s crazy…  Tonight we got a phone call warning us that school may have to dismiss early tomorrow due to the threat of Tornadoes…..yes, Tornadoes…  What next?   Makes me long for the good-old-days when the weather was a little more predictable:

But here it is, the birthday week-end looming, large as life.    Months ago, I told Casey that we’d celebrate the b-day on March 1 when we’ll be traveling to Nashville for the Lawn & Garden Show/ Wine Fest.  HaHaHaHa!!  You know me better than that!!   I still don’t have anything planned, though, so I’m nervously re-arranging shelves…  I have decided to watch “Roman Holiday” as a representative 1953 movie, and to read “Giant” to honor the memorable year.   Other than that, I’m not sure…but


We’ll come up with something, so check back….

oh, and if you’re up for a short walk down memory lane,  visit http://www.raveonmadwoman.wordpress.com/ to view what’s left of the much-edited (posted at last!) Intro to the Birthday…

4th Sunday in January, 2014

I started an Intro to Yoga class today.  It was a spontaneous act and I’m not quite sure what brought it on.  I have known my way around the Sun Salute for decades, but not much else.  My time with Rodney Yee was mostly spent admiring his flexibility—is he a contortionist or what?— and neither Denise Austin nor Jane Fonda kept my attention.   I haven’t had a real burning desire to practice Yoga, though I do know that I feel like I’ve had a massage after I do some poses.   So it might have been a targeted ad that caught my attention (well-done, Adman), but at some point Friday I signed up for this class at Evansville Yoga Center.  Both teachers and students seem very nice, and the challenges were just-enough—I’m definitely going to be a little sore tomorrow.   The benefits will be phenomenal, though, so I’ve high hopes.

The Center has recently moved from West Franklin to North Main, near Garvin Park.  On the way home, I drove through the park and noticed a gaggle of geese walking on the ice over the lake.  It was a beautiful day with highs in the 50’s feeling tropical compared with what we’ve come to expect this winter.  I just happened to have my camera and stopped to take some pictures.


Down by the fountain, on the west side of the lake, it was like a waterpark.  They were hanging out, yakking and visiting like they were at the beach.  Funny…

It was so nice that I walked a lap around the park.  The sun was going down as I left.   Shortly after I arrived back at the Acres, I grabbed my camera again to catch the beautiful sunset…


I hope your day was as nice as mine.  If it wasn’t, then maybe tomorrow will be.  Be ready!!