See ya next time, Summer..!

We had what will most likely be our last day in the pool yesterday.  It was a bright, humid 89 degrees, so we oiled up one more time and floated for a while, savoring the sunshine.  It was windy, though, and last night a storm blew in and brought in autumnal temperatures, predicted to last for the next week or so.

It has been another great summertime, full of kids and fresh vegetables.  The chiggers outdid themselves this year–I picked up more last week!   I did the usual summer-rant, cursing the 100degreeshumidity70percent that is July, but that is what pools are for.   So many summertime songs passed through—from summer in the city to summer girls, summer of ’69 to summertime blues; and don’t ever forget Popsicle of Love (it’s summertime, babe)…

Of course, in my day, the day after Labor Day seriously, actually, was the end of summer as we marched back to school, wearing our new back-to-school clothes.  So it is that I have been going through all my clothes, trying to find something that I can wear on our upcoming Disney World trip.  I have trimmed down, as mentioned, and I’m so thrilled to be back in my old clothes again, but they are Obviously Old and Really Outdated.  My shoe situation is sad, too, as my closet is full of worn-out, but comfortable!, shoes.  I feel a shopping spree coming on…

We celebrated our son’s 36th birthday on Sunday at Bru Burger.  (isn’t my baby darling?  that’s his new smile)

There’s plenty of September chores for the garden, but I’m still going through stuff in the house.  One more big haul to charity will wrap up that project for the year and I’ll have some room to breathe…and buy new stuff…shiny things!





Happy First Day of Summer!

Did you catch the Strawberry Full Moon last night?   I subscribe to the Farmers Almanac newsletters and they streamed a giant telescope view of the rise on the East Coast.  It was so cool that I almost forgot to head outside and see the show from Sonnystone.  The pink orb was surreal, but clouds wanted to spoil my view.   I love me some MoonShine…

Thursday has become my day with Olivia and last week we went over to Henderson.   The W.C. Handy Blues and BBQ fest was ongoing, but not much daytime activity that day.  To our dismay, it was also the hottest day of the year–98degrees–with humidity so thick that you had to push your way through the air.  We ate in some a/c and then went down to their little splash area.

Casey and I went back on Saturday  and listened to the always-excellent jams, enhanced by the addition of large screens for the people who sit at the back.

So now it’s really summer!   I’m going to book a flight to NYC today and I’ll return with Emma and Eliza on 7/19.  In addition to Camp Sonnystone, we have a Field Trip planned (in the Coach) to Lake Rudolph and Holiday World.  They all just grow up too fast, so the sooner I get them here, the better.  Olivia is as excited to see them as I am, and when the NYers see how much Samantha has changed, they will be delighted.  Cousins are the best, aren’t they?

So that’s all for now.  Oh, except here’s my current Summer Song, one I’ve revived many times since its 1992 release…