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Week-end Wrap-up

Daylight Savings Time…is the extra hour at the end of the day worth the total discombobulation of my body?  I just wonder why we fell back in the first place.  I’m sure I love the extra sun, when it’s there, but the time-change thing seems random…

The rains have greened up the lawns and budded up the trees and shrubs.  The daffodils have been in bloom for over a week and the tulips are reaching for the sky.  Peonies are popping up and the daisies and coneflower are stretching out.  I bought a new garden journal and I’m going to keep it going past planting time this year, I promise.

The orchid show is still going on over at the Zoo and I spent both mornings this week-end meeting and greeting the visitors there.  I started back at the Yoga Center today and will be feeling it tomorrow, I’m sure, in a good way.  Like the flowers, my muscles are waking up, too.

Seems like Winter is on its way out, but I know all too well that you can never tell when there will be another snap of cold and even snow.  Still, the birds are starting back North and the home-birds are stirring around for nesting material.

I started a Photo 101 class with WordPress last week.  I’m posting the pictures daily over at the MadWoman site, so if you’ve wondered where I am, look there.  There is a theme and a lesson each day Mon-Fri.  These are my submissions to the prompts of:  Home, Street, Water, Bliss, and Solitude…

Sonnystone Acres 3/7/16
Sonnystone Acres 3/7/16
Franklin Street 3/8/16
Franklin Street 3/8/16
Rainy Day 3/9/16
Rainy Day  3/9/16
Music Room 3/10/16
Music Room   3/10/16
Central Library 3/11/16
Central Library 3/11/16

The Photo class continues for 3 more weeks. I start a Writing class on Thursday. I’ll be working over at the Zoo greenhouse propagating plans for the plant sale on Wednesday.   Seems like I go from Zero to Sixty quickly after the weather breaks.

7 more days until the Spring Equinox!!!  We’re going to make it, I believe.

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Cleansed, de-toxed, and ready for a drink…

As usual, my holiday eating/drinking was out of control…nothing must go to waste!  What I didn’t chow down the first day it was made was put into the refrigerator, so everytime I opened the door, I felt challenged to eat it all.. On New Years Day, I threw in the towel, waved the white flag, and cleaned it out to make room for a 6-day cleanse and detox…

Kale, Spinach, Green Beans, Zucchini, Ginger, Lemons, Cucumbers, Carrots, Sweet potato, and apples take up a lot of room…   So the fight began again to empty the fridge, only this time it was all fresh, God-made food.  I spent most of my days chopping…I worked that blender to the blade…  The mean green smoothies were refreshing, but if I don’t have to eat kale again for a while, that will be fine.  The superfood soup was different from my usual diet (cabbage) soup, with beans and more kale.  You eat it everyday so I was glad to see it go, even though it was tasty.  I still have some spinach salad left–no kale.  I bought too many green beans, and in an effort to use them all have grown nauseous at the sight of them.

All in all, though, I feel absolutely greener…my ama has been flushed…my liver is purring along.  What I’ve craved the most, however, is Cheese of any sort, Bread in any form, Pasta in whatever shape…

While I was chopping, the amaryllis were blooming…I usually give these away, but they have bloomed so much earlier this year…


It’s Cabo Wabo Night at Hacienda…Reposado is a Super way to celebrate my Fabulous Self-Discipline. Extra Cheese, please…

Bloom wherever You Are…

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The Longest Winter wears on, despite our whimpering and whining.  The gnomes feel the same way we do…


Let’s go back to yesterday and wine instead of Whine.  Casey and I cruised down to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show/ Wine Festival.  I know it’s going to be a while before we can Really plant anything, but take heart!

I’ve not been too successful at growing orchids, but they always entice me to try…maybe next year?

The wine tasting was tasty…  We got free glass glasses, drank freely from more than a dozen Tennessee wineries, and I must have been buzzed, because I Thought that I bought 3 bottles of wine, but actually came home with some 2 bottles of suspicious-looking ?orange wine and some “kool-aid” to mix with it.  Ah, well, I’ll drink it… The winery area was too crowded to take pictures, so you’ll have to use your imagination…

While we’re worrying that winter will wear us out, think how the birds must feel.  We’ve already used twice as much feed at our feeders this year compared to last…  So don’t forget our feathered friends…


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4th Sunday in January, 2014

I started an Intro to Yoga class today.  It was a spontaneous act and I’m not quite sure what brought it on.  I have known my way around the Sun Salute for decades, but not much else.  My time with Rodney Yee was mostly spent admiring his flexibility—is he a contortionist or what?— and neither Denise Austin nor Jane Fonda kept my attention.   I haven’t had a real burning desire to practice Yoga, though I do know that I feel like I’ve had a massage after I do some poses.   So it might have been a targeted ad that caught my attention (well-done, Adman), but at some point Friday I signed up for this class at Evansville Yoga Center.  Both teachers and students seem very nice, and the challenges were just-enough—I’m definitely going to be a little sore tomorrow.   The benefits will be phenomenal, though, so I’ve high hopes.

The Center has recently moved from West Franklin to North Main, near Garvin Park.  On the way home, I drove through the park and noticed a gaggle of geese walking on the ice over the lake.  It was a beautiful day with highs in the 50’s feeling tropical compared with what we’ve come to expect this winter.  I just happened to have my camera and stopped to take some pictures.


Down by the fountain, on the west side of the lake, it was like a waterpark.  They were hanging out, yakking and visiting like they were at the beach.  Funny…

It was so nice that I walked a lap around the park.  The sun was going down as I left.   Shortly after I arrived back at the Acres, I grabbed my camera again to catch the beautiful sunset…


I hope your day was as nice as mine.  If it wasn’t, then maybe tomorrow will be.  Be ready!!


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This WDW trip I bought the Photopass Archive Disc.  There are photographers stationed throughout the parks, especially in popular spots in front of the castle, spaceship earth, etc. who will take your picture and add it to your account.  Then you claim the pictures later and print what you like.  I was thinking it would allow me to get more pictures of the Entire Family, including the family photographers..!  Okay, so far, and we did get some of those family pictures…but.. 1) they’re not All good.  the photographers are often rushed and there are lines for the pictures.  2)  editing the pictures for download onto the disc is a pain-in-the-ass, requiring some cussing and threatening…   As a result, it’s taking me a lot longer to prepare the pictures for download.  I should have those done by this week-end, I hope.  In the meantime, here are the last I”ll post of my pictures.  I did rely heavily on the Disney photographers (and my kids) for these character shots, so I don’t have many.  Eliza, who loved all the characters when we visited in 2012, was hot and cold this year.  She would often get real excited, then at the last minute refuse to pose.  Even the all-family shots are often of Eliza’s back…  That’s okay, though.  We’ll tease her about it when she gets older..!

As I work on the editing, I still feel the magic of our Family-ness…  Did I mention we’re planning our return trip already?  Spring, 2015, we’ll be back.  Until then, we have such wonderful memories, terrific pictures, and a whole lot of dreams…

It would be nice to be Tinkerbelle…But then, being a Jo-Jo is even better!


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another week done gone

Tuesday was my older sister’s birthday…she’s the pretty one, I’m the smart one—or is it the other way around?  Actually, we look more alike every year and our IQ’s are within 1 point of one another’s;  she IS the good one, though…goody-goody-two-shoes.   I love her dearly, more than ever since we wised up…  We had lunch down on Franklin St. at Smitty’s on Wednesday…


I’m beginning to get caught up with the lists I had to forego during my illnesses…so I made an appointment to get a haircut/color and such for Thursday.  I am, as usual, making excuses for my hairdresser completely misunderstanding my request:  I said, “remember, I don’t want it tooo blonde…sort of caramel, like yours”.  She gave me hair that is exactly her color—a light brown with very few caramel highlights.   I called to get it blonded up on Saturday, but decided that I should stop and take a breath.   Maybe it Is my fault that I end up with bad cuts and weird colors when I keep going to hairdressers that are just out of beauty school..


I’m in the market for a new hairdresser, a mature, experienced person who can help me figure out what I mean when I say “not too blonde”.  Any ideas?

Another little mess I made this week:  I ordered a 50mm lens for my camera.  That sounds like a great idea, huh?  But, actually, I already have one that my daughter gave me when I first bought the Nikon, lo those many years ago.  I never used it because my camera doesn’t have autofocus capability for it…and it still doesn’t, by the way…   After discussing the situation with Melissa, she has urged me to buy a new camera…!    Great idea!  I’m researching and hope to make a purchase soon.

The weather is perfect for pumpkins and mums.  We bought several pumpkins at Ronnie’s today and we’ve gotten out the harvest decorations for inside and out.   I love this time of year.  I’ll be catching up the garden blog this week—REALLY…   Till then, have a great week!