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4 days in Manhattan…

In 2017, Spring at Sonnystone, updates on June 13, 2017 at 11:41 am

The Kindergarten Graduation

5 years ago Emma graduated Kindergarten…Same hat.  At least my head hasn’t grown…

Party at American Girl

Swinging in Central Park

Roaming the Met

Sadly, I did not take any photos of the Ceili, only videos, and I would Love to share them with you.  Alas, wordpress is not being co-operative.  If I figure out how to upload them, I will post them.  All of the dancers were wonderful, especially Emma and Eliza.  So much excitement!  Word to my daughter, send me some pictures!

We’re back at Sonnystone, catching up with the garden and putting up the pool.  The New York Family is scheduling a July visit—hey, that’s just a couple of weeks!  Plans for Camp Sonnystone are underway.  Being with each family is wonderful, but getting All of Us Together is Superlative..!  See you soon!


Postcard from New York

In 2016, Photos, updates on July 18, 2016 at 9:03 am

Like most postcards I have sent, this one almost beats me back home.  I’ve spent the last week playing Nanny to my grandchildren, traipsing through the heat and humidity to the Met, Radio City Music Hall, NYPL, and some hours just hanging out at the homeplace.  I skipped the Saturday feis, but sweated through yesterday’s in Tappan to watch Emma collect 5 more trophies, and now I’m starting to pack it up for tomorrow’s return trip.

Here’s some highlights….wishing you were here… or had been…

Sisters, Sisters…at the Met,  walking like an Egyptian


It’s all fun and games until the hug turns into a headlock…

We have seen the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular every year since Emma was born, so it was a thrill to be able to add a mid-year visit with last year’s Spring and this year’s Summer Spectacular.  Love those high kicks…


Bill’s Burgers is our regular after-show-stop…


That’s all I’ve got for now, kids, but we’re flying home tomorrow and the grand-daughter count will multiply x2 as we start a month of Sonnystone Camp and Festivities…

Peace and Love…

Traveling Shoes

In Summer at Sonnystone, week-end wrap-up on July 10, 2016 at 9:01 am

I’ll be arriving in NYC at 5pm or so today, staying until the 19th.  We will be seeing the Rockettes Summer Spectacular on Wednesday, and enjoying a feis or two over the week-end.  We’ll fill in the time with strolling the sidewalks, just being together.  The girls will be returning to Sonnystone with me to stay about a month.  I’m verrry excited.

As usual, I’ve been angsty all day, trying to decide how many pairs of shoes to take.  Thanks to my new Mary Poppins bag, I can fit in the whole lot of them….but I won’t.  I’ve never spent much summer-time in NYC, so I’m sort of suspicious that my wardrobe is so light.  Am I forgetting something?  Oh, well, I’ve heard they have a few shops in Manhattan.

I’ll try to do some live reporting while I’m there.     Peace…

Visiting with the NYC kids…

In 2016, Photos, week-end wrap-up on May 11, 2016 at 11:13 am

Just returned from a visit with my daughter, her daughters, and the Admirable husband and father in the group, Rockstar son-in-law.

Friday was Grandparents Day in Eliza’s pre-K 4 class.  We were fed good coffee and pastries, then escorted to the kids’ classrooms, where we listened to a story and sat at their little tables making mudpie sundaes.  Her teacher is a gem and the level of love exuding from all us grandparents was to the sky.  One little boy didn’t have a grandparent present, so I “adopted” him.

DSC_0017 (1)

It poured down rain that day, but when I left the school around 10:30am, I was filled with sunshine.  Quick stop at a diner for some coffee, then I put the umbrella back up walked down to the new Met Breuer, formerly the Whitney.  I really want to see the new Whitney–I’ve seen the outside–but that’s for another trip.  I’ll be sharing pictures of the exhibits over at MadWoman soon.

That evening, Emma and her 1st through 8th grade schoolmates put on a beautiful concert, and they all did a wonderful job.


Emma is far left, second row; 3&4 grades, I think…

Saturday morning we went to a Feis in, where was I?  Somewhere in the Catskills, from what I’m told.  A Feis is an Irish Dancing Competition and my oldest grand-daughter competes nearly every week-end.  She loves it and is very good.  Like any sport, there are rules of advancement that I have been told several times, but don’t actually retain it.  I only know she’s moving forward with every Feis.  The competitions are held in various venues–hotels, outside, school gyms.  This one was held in a school gym, what I call a “bleacher Feis”.  I just can’t get these old (short) legs up and down bleachers well, so they are not my favorite.  I managed to secure a spot on a bottom bleacher near the dancers and got some great shots…or I think so…


5 First-Place, 1 Second-Place Trophies…

After returning from the Feis, we put our hats on, broke out the bourbon, and watched the Derby.  I’m proud to say that I made 80 cents!!  If you know me, I call breaking even “winning”…



Oh, there’s more:  Mothers Day! Church! Luncheon at DBGB!  A stroll through The Strand bookstore! A massage!

But, that’s about enough for now.  I’m back home now, obviously, and the cupboard is bare.  Hope your days are as full of as much love as you can stand.!!

Lost and Found…

In 2015, Photos, updates on September 14, 2015 at 10:23 pm

I arrived here in NYC last Tuesday, happy as a little bean to see the E’s again and ready to play super jo-jo.  Their first day of school was Wednesday–Emma started 4th grade and Eliza is in pre-K 4.  Eric’s surgery is scheduled for 9/16 and I know I’ll be needed then, but for now he and Melissa have it all under control.  Eric gave me a short, but efficient, tutorial on using the subway that turned into a nice trip to midtown, along with Eliza, to visit the MoMA.  I love art museums.

moma basquiat

On Friday, I decided to take a day and wander around Central Park.  I actually had a plan to visit a Buddhist Temple that I thought was off Central Park West, so I just cut straight through to the west side at 86th or so.  On the way over, I stopped at the Belvedere Castle, climbing to the top to take some shots with my little samsung camera…(I am so accustomed to using a view finder on my Nikon that I am just bad with LCD screens.  Shooting on a sunny day, I just click hopefully…)

I proceeded over to Central Park West and up into the 90’s before I finally thought to check the address of my destination….it was on East 72nd…  Oh, well, I thought, I’ll just go on back into the park and have some refreshment at the boat house.

think that I went back into the park in the 90’s, but…  I wandered and walked, squinting for a sign of familiarity….well, I got it…  I ended up back at Belvedere Castle and Cleopatra’s needle again.  That’s okay right? After all, it’s a beautiful, (though slightly humid) day, .  The sound of saxophones wafting through the air kept me moving forward in the general direction I thought I should be going.  When I passed the saxophone player the second time, I was using all of my Be Here Now to overcome the pain from the blisters were that growing on my feet.  I tried google maps—god only knows where it was telling me to go.  Now really, I’ve been in the park probably 3-dozen times in the last decade, so I was a little stubborn, believing that I know how to navigate it…  Indeed, I do…

Finally….after running around the same old ground, I began to see some boats…


Just a little more squinting, and there it was…


Thank-you so very much….I stumbled my blistery feet to the bar…





Summer Vacation Begins…

In 2015, updates on June 3, 2015 at 8:24 am

It’s amazing  how much lighter my luggage is when I only pack one pair of shoes.  Usually, I just can’t decide, so throw in 3-4 pairs.  Now that I am restricted to slides/mules, whatever you want to call them, there’s the pair on my feet (black) and the pair in the suitcase (white).  I do not want to get used to this.  I love shoes–I’m superficial, so what?

I’m so excited to spend the next 2 weeks with my NYC family.  I will provide you with live-action reporting of Emma’s Ceili  this Saturday…

noun: ceili      a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling  
ceili 2015
…and I’m actually in charge of attaching her wig…so wish me luck…
Eliza’s Pre-K end-of-school program is June 9 and I’ll be grabbing up a good seat for that special occasion, as well.
This weather has been sucky, and I think it’s still going to be a little gray and cool when I arrive in the city, but by the time my heel is healed well enough to do some serious strolling, it should be more seasonal.  I’ll be there until the 17th and currently plan on bringing back both girls for a month or so.
Eric starts his fourth round of chemo tomorrow and I’ll be giving you an update on his progress.
 Oh, I never quit my Ellis Park nurse job, that’s just a nasty rumor. I just had to get the officials to see my way of thinking and I’ll be working a lot less.  There is still an opening for an RN to help me out, if you or a friend are interested in making a little extra cash this summer. Putting in an application is the first step.   Then I’ll call you and we’ll set something up.
I’d better get this computer packed….Soo excited!

Surprise Week-end in NYC

In Christmas, 2014, week-end wrap-up on December 16, 2014 at 6:45 am

Our daughter, Melissa, turns 40 on December 20.  Her husband, Eric, and I started planning a surprise party for her several months ago.  He did all the work, really, but I had to keep the secret…   It was a complete success, I’m here to tell ya, and her first remark to me after everybody yelled “surprise” was:  You usually can’t keep a secret.

But I did!!!   Let me show you…



Melissa has always made the very nicest friends, and her NYC family is the best.  The treat of the evening was the presence of two of our Evansville peeps, the Carnahan Sisters, who flew in for the occasion. It was a great party…

It was a quick trip, but we packed it full.  Any time I’m with the grandkids, there is always Love.  Just hanging out with Emma and Eliza fills my heart.



But, hey, it’s New York City…   It’s been a tradition to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular since Emma was a sprout, and the City is such a nice backdrop for Festive Pictures…

As if all of that weren’t enough, we had breakfast with Santa after Sunday Mass.

The breakfast was given by the school that the girls attend and they had lots of baskets to raffle.  Casey got lucky and won one that will supply the kids with books for a while—the cherry on the sundae.

We flew back home without incident, collapsed and returned to work today.  I meant to post this much, much earlier, but back to work involved actual work and I had to have my nap….

We’re going to Nashville, TN this week-end to see the Rockettes with our Eville grand-daughter.  Till then…

A Real Pain in the A**

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Greetings from Gotham!  Having a wonderful time with the grandkids, of course, butt…

Backstory…During the iciest days of February, while climbing out of the van at our local shopping center,   I put out my foot onto a slippery spot of ice and just slid to the ground;  the doorjamb of the mini hit my lower back, my shoulder blade, and I conked  my head before I found myself sprawled, surprised and a little scared, on the ice floe called the parking lot.  After making sure nothing was broken and that I was truly conscious, I pulled myself together and traipsed on.  My back had a small bruise, about the size of a cookie, just to the right of my spine;  my shoulder hurt more than the bruise, and if I had a concussion we’ll just never know.

It was nearly 2 weeks later that I woke in the night with pain that felt like a kidney stone.   The discomfort passed in about an hour, but left me with some residual tenderness in my lower back that intermittently would become severe.  The pain was increasing to excruciating and I thought I might have to cancel my trip, and probably should have, but 1) I’m too cheap; 2) I didn’t want to disappoint; 3) I live by the motto that if I ignore it, surely it will just go away.

The flight here was awful.   I know that my fellow flyers to either side of me were not amused as I constantly shifted and groaned.  I had brought plenty of ibuprofen and even raided my 2-year-old stash of tabs just in case, but by the time I checked into the Jose’ Casa, after a killer taxi ride, I was griping non-stop.  I felt fine when walking, but sitting was out of the question.  Sleeping was fair if I stayed flat on my back, and constant grumbling helped.

Sooo…  There is a doctor at Melissa’s church who does charitable work for the community, and I became a charity case.  I saw him on Monday, but he didn’t have anything to treat me with, so I made arrangements to see him again today.  In the meantime, I ran Eliza all over town;  though I felt slightly out of shape, I didn’t think I was hurting my back…  I was, though.  The pain has worsened, moving into my entire buttock and burning like a whatever burns bad.  Tonight the good doctor gave me 2 injections of lidocaine, no steroid, and told me he hoped it helped.  I can’t tell yet.

Because I can’t sit for very long, I’ve not been able to see the Muppets Most Wanted—bummer– and I’ve mostly hung around the apartment with Melissa and the kids.  I always eat well when I’m here and last night’s margaritas gave me the most relief I’ve had in a week or so.   I am planning to do some extensive walking tomorrow, maybe the MOMA? and definitely Central Park.

I have a new compassion for the many people who have complained to me about their back over the years, but I don’t really want to join the Constant Complainer Club.   I’m stretching and lifting with my knees and all that great physical therapy stuff…  I just hope the flight home doesn’t kill me…





Leavin’ on a jet plane

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It’s my usual SpringBreak trip to Manhattan,  I’m leaving from EVV this trip—are those even jets?    (Debbie De Jong would know)  Anyway, Spring Break is upon us, though we’re expecting a “late March snowstorm” next Tues-Wed…drat and other expletives…   It’s made packing a nightmare, but I finally took out all the sweaters, replaced them with blouses and decided *f it, it’s Spring.

On my agenda:  The Muppets: Most Wanted;  Sunday Family Mass, featuring the children’s choir (directed by Mel, Emma singing);  the MOMA.    Tasks:  cuddle, hug, kiss, hold, laugh, cuddle.   Food is to be determined, but must include Cavatappi’s fried olives.   The shuttle must be ridden to B&N for some coffee and books.  More cuddling, hugs, and laughter.   I’m staying 6 days, longer than usual, because I thought they might Need me, but it turns out the mister is ready and available for tours—Highline?  So who cares about any stinkin’ snow???  I’ll be warm…

I got a new phone the other day, a Samsung III or something like that.  It’s bigger and I may even use it once in a while.  For sure it will be put to use on this trip, as I’m not taking the Nikon.  I’ll be checking in prn.

blocked…(and happy birthday, EB)

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I am well past my self-imposed deadline for blogging, having promised myself to blog at least once a week.   Once a week sounds so easy, doesn’t it?   As a matter of fact, nearly every day I attempt to write Something, but lately it’s read something like crappycrapola crappetycrap and ends up in the recycle bin.   It’s not Only that there’s very little activity here at the Acres, what with weather spoiling even the humble goal to go to work every morning.  It’s not Just that…but that hasn’t helped.

Fact is, I’m planning some big changes for my blog-life.  Oh, there will be the usual seed-starting over at Growing Every Season, even though last year I SWORE that I would not sacrifice seedlings ever again;  I have a  New Plan that I’m sure will work…pretty sure, anyway.  And yes, February will be festive as I celebrate my birthday for at least a week, possibly longer…    The Big Challenge is to find my Voice over at the Mad Woman, and I have some Great Ideas and Lofty Goals, but nothing to show for it, YET.  You just wait, though…

In the meantime, Today is is Eliza’s Birthday;  she is my 3-year-old New York City granddaughter.


Friday is Emma’s Birthday;  she is my soon-to-be-8-year-old New York City granddaughter.


(Those are the hands of the Hot princesses from Frozen, Anna & Elsa)

 As I’ve been downloading and editing the Disney PhotoPass pictures, I’ve been missing them sooo much.  I called Eliza, created some birthday songs just for her and had a grand conversation.   I’ll catch Emma on Friday, before her party on Saturday, and reiterate my love for her.  I can’t honestly say I wish I were there—it’s too damn cold and snowy—but I Do Wish we were all together.  Why aren’t we made of $$$?  

And so I leave you with a couple of pictures I took today, not much else but some more crapesquecrap.  Hold on, though;  the days are getting longer….only 2 more months until Spring!!!



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