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Happy Week-end!!

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The camper makeover continues, but we’re not ready for The Big Reveal yet…  I would have gotten farther, but we’re taking a short trip to North Carolina to celebrate my Aunt Shirley’s 80th birthday.  All of my favorite cousins will be there, plus a few I haven’t seen in decades…scores, even.  Aunt Shirley is my mom’s youngest sister, the only one still living,  Clarence and Flo Eaton’s baby #9.    She lives in Florida, but she’s driving up to her grand-daughter’s home near Asheville for the soiree’.  The Eatons are seriously funny folks and I’m hoping to laugh until I pee my pants at least once.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to…

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I’ve been away from the computer a lot for this project, sitting in front of my new sewing maching.  It self-threads, what not to love?   I’ve got 2 of 4 curtain panels finished, a little behind due to last-minute changes in the design.  We’re going to finish up early next week.


I’m taking along some tomatoes to share with the fam in NC….there’s a glut around here…


For more pictures of the garden click  here

Hope you have a great week-end, full of laughter (the snort-your-drink-out-your-nose kind) and fresh veggies…


Songs from Sonnystone…

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Surprise Week-end in NYC

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Our daughter, Melissa, turns 40 on December 20.  Her husband, Eric, and I started planning a surprise party for her several months ago.  He did all the work, really, but I had to keep the secret…   It was a complete success, I’m here to tell ya, and her first remark to me after everybody yelled “surprise” was:  You usually can’t keep a secret.

But I did!!!   Let me show you…



Melissa has always made the very nicest friends, and her NYC family is the best.  The treat of the evening was the presence of two of our Evansville peeps, the Carnahan Sisters, who flew in for the occasion. It was a great party…

It was a quick trip, but we packed it full.  Any time I’m with the grandkids, there is always Love.  Just hanging out with Emma and Eliza fills my heart.



But, hey, it’s New York City…   It’s been a tradition to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular since Emma was a sprout, and the City is such a nice backdrop for Festive Pictures…

As if all of that weren’t enough, we had breakfast with Santa after Sunday Mass.

The breakfast was given by the school that the girls attend and they had lots of baskets to raffle.  Casey got lucky and won one that will supply the kids with books for a while—the cherry on the sundae.

We flew back home without incident, collapsed and returned to work today.  I meant to post this much, much earlier, but back to work involved actual work and I had to have my nap….

We’re going to Nashville, TN this week-end to see the Rockettes with our Eville grand-daughter.  Till then…

Camp Sonnystone Yearbook

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Camp Sonnystone, 2014 was a rousing success!!  We started each morning with our Theme Song…

Welcome!  I say welcome!  Welcome to Camp Sonnystone!  PawPaw is our leader.  His assistant’s JoJo.  Step right up and see the show!  Let’s Go!

We painted birdhouses, canvases, plaster monkeys;  made suncatchers and planted zinnias.  We went to the zoo, rode in PawPaw’s tractor, swam in the pool, played musical instruments, marched, and had several spontaneous dance parties.  Camp wrapped up on Friday night with a campout-sleepover…

I apologize for the quality of these pictures;  Me and my Nikon have been broken up for a while and we’re just now coming to an agreement about our relationship, so I won’t blame the camera completely.

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in-line, on-line…

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The crowds were quite crowd-y at Disney…the days between Christmas and New Year are the busiest with estimated attendance 130,000 at all four parks, about 1/3 of that number at Magic Kingdom.  Humanity can be kinda crushing at times and the lines get long.  True to form, Disney makes standing on queue an adventure:

On line to meet Buzz and Woody

It wasn’t a super-long line, but there was enough time to do a lot of posing…

and even some running around…

We all love people-watching when we’re at TheWorld.  People-listening is nearly as fun.  Who can forget the snotty little brat that stood behind us?

And in this line for

Toy Story Mania

there was a toddler-type (not ours) intermittently screaming like a banshee:


The guy standing out in front of the Small World line was barking like Billy Bigelow, “worst line in the park, don’t stop here” or words to that effect;  in reality, it is Always a very quick line. That’s the kind of stuff we professional disney-e(a)rs know;  and we know where the characters are, too.  More later.


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The E’s reunited with Briley, Berkely (and Alex, too) and were joined by the boy-cousins: Ben, Noah, and Sam for some fun in the water..



This is a wonderful group of kids, and I’m not biased by my love for them…am I?



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I couldn’t chronicle the magic act as well as I would like—one child would put the blanket over the other, say the magic words, and oila! when she’d pull it off the child was no longer under the blanket (but could be seen running into the next room giggling).


I was pretty pouty, what with having to work the week-end at Ellis and all, but Grandpa Saved the Day and the kids had a magical time at the zoo on Saturday and building a fort on Sunday.  There was a big thunderstorm last night and we all stood out on the porch to fully experience it.  We watched “Summer Magic”  before bedtime (appreciated mostly by Melissa and me);  Free sweet corn and watermelons from the track have kept us well-fed… I think they’re having fun…








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Do you really want to mess this this 2-year-old???  Are you honestly asking/expecting her to share that popcorn?



But wait…she’s a perfect angel once she has her own Mickey-bowl full…



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J. McB and her twins, F&A, visited;  O&E made a TV; we danced…



Breakfast with Olivia

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Olivia’s been awake since 5am…   We are such mean grandparents that we told her it was too early to get out of bed and answered her plaintive “I’m weally, weally hungwy” plea  with “you have to wait until 6 o’clock”, so she counted the minutes off for us, one by one…until 6…   She always wakes up happy and talking…  Grandpa fixed her breakfast and let  me sleep in, so I managed to stay under the covers until 7 or so—it is COLD outside.  We’ve got plenty of activities planned:  Farmers Market, opening up the camper, planting some marigolds…   Olivia loves to help, so I’m sure we’ll get a ton of stuff accomplished…>nudge-wink<

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