The Gettin’ Ready Rag

That’s us, gettin’ ready for the Sunday departure.  Lists, Lists, trips to the trailer laden with supplies, mark it off the list, make a new list…  Then we stop and dance…  We got new haircuts, new shoes, and don’t forget the new grill!  Then we stop and dance…

When planning for a long trip, it’s Really Difficult to Be Present.  I’ve been watching the weather at our destinations and it’s gone from sunny to rainy, though temps are about what we expected.  I was hit with an attack of self-doubt, like oh, no!  Rain! Bad Planner!  Well, watcha gonna do about it, I say?  I’ve got a raincoat, an umbrella and even some boots, if needed.  And I’ve never watched it rain on the ocean, so that will be a new view from the camper window.

And that, fellow trippers, is what it’s about:   Looking out of a different window, seeing something new, and being There in the Here and Now!

In the meantime, It’s just a typical Friday at Sonnystone–Samantha at noon and Olivia at 3:15, then off to piano lessons.   Olivia’s Girl Scout Troop is selling cookies at Shoe Carnival if you’re in the market.  They’ll be there from 5-8 or so.

The Sun is shining brightly and our daffodil buds are bursting into dazzling yellow.  Rain is good, though the last few weeks have been a little too waterlogged, even up here on the hill.  Looks like all of the roses are going to make it, which pleases me immensely.  That’s here, now.