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cemeteries, bars, and toilets (not necessarily in that order)

The Unexpected is expected when you live in an older home…  An emergency toilet replacement was carried out this week-end—I’ve soo been wanting a new one, right?

That doesn’t sound so inspiring, but we really have been on a work-binge all week-end.  In addition to a lot of gardening (to be reported over at Growing Every Season), we got a strong start on the upstairs bedroom re-do.  We put in a window air-conditioner, scratched our heads and asked, “why did that take us 10 years?”  I didn’t want to give up my window and Casey thought the window was too small. As he answered, “because we’re chowderheads”.  The changes upstairs spilled down to my closet and I’ve been grimly going through Too Many Clothes that don’t fit, ready for another trip to the Goodwill…

Today we stopped and visited a couple of cemeteries, mostly Casey’s family.  His grandma and grandpa Gibbs are buried in Locust Hill Cemetery, a very old, very German cemetery.  I’m intrigued by old cemeteries…there is that entire phallus theme going, large obelisks and columns, just to show that some folks are bigger, even in the afterlife.

Who says you can’t take it with you?

Casey’s Dad always wins the Best Headstone, family member, award:

We’d planned to drive over to Grayville and Albion, but my blood sugar dropped, transforming me into a grump, and verry close to spewing bile over anyone who approached me, so we stopped for a quick bar-burger.

After couple of beers, we decided to head on home and enjoy the fruits of our labor. (I’m planning a visit to Illinois soon, so I’ll be giving you a call, Nu-Nu!)

Today, the first Monday of my 81 days, is windy, 73degrees, birds chirping and gardens happily drenched with last night’s rains. By the time the high temperature of 87 degrees arrives, I hope to have all of my errands done and to be swinging on the front porch…


****editor’s note: it is Not Monday–it just feels like one.

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3 more days…

i’m leaving for NYC this wednesday afternoon…yee-haw..!  preparations have included a lot of shopping for clothes, seeing as how my jeans have shrunk…it’s those dryer sheets, i think.


i’ve spent the week-end out in the garden and shuffling around the harvest decorations.   i’ll show you some pictures over at the garden blog tomorrow…   well, just one more:

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equinox of the autumnal kind…

it’s such a beautiful time of year.   i love the chores of autumn:  harvesting the veggies and cooking them up;  re-filling the containers with cabbages, swiss chard, and mums;  loading up a bale of straw with pumpkins and scarecrows.    it’s porch time, lingering in the swing as the sun sets, listening to the high school bands compete while the hummingbirds kamikaze around my head.

lana and i got out to the theatre this afternoon…of course i cried and laughed through my tears (steel magnolias).   this week i’ll try to do most of the forementioned chores as well as prepare for my upcoming visit to NYC…  10 more days..!