Happy Hour…Yesterday

I had a feeling…  Casey is out clearing roads on this Valentine’s Day Friday, so we had our cocktails yesterday…Thirsty Thursday, we’ll call it.

I expected blueberry-infused vodka to turn blue, wouldn’t you?

DSC_0018 DSC_0024

The purply-pink color was perfect for a Valentine Drink;  those boozeberries are excellent, too…


We don’t consistently do a lot on 2/14.  Some years there have been flowers or candy, and one year he bought me a greenhouse!  But he’s my sweetheart every day, so what’s this day over another?

 The sentiment is the same:  Drink up!

First February Friday

February Fridays are for forgetting about the frostquake booms and the frozen fog.  We’re going to have cocktails!

Today’s drink special:

Strawberry-infused vodka martinis


Last Friday I filled up a mason jar with fresh strawberries, poured in a pint of vodka and let it sit.   I should have taken some pictures of the the fresh mix, because within 3 days all the color had drained from the berries and they looked like something dead.  After I filtered out the yuk, the pink vodka was darling and pretty tasty, too.  These little martinis were made with some strawberry water…shaken, not stirred.

 Here’s to a wonderful week-end!