Week-end Wrap-up

It was still co-old and  very foggy when we piled into the Caravan Saturday morning, but by the time we arrived in Nashville, the sun was bright and temps rising.   Opry Mills is a gargantuan mall, part of the Opryland Hotel/Grand Ole Opry House complex.  We visited the Disney Store, ate at Moe’s, but only saw about 1/8 of the place.  Oddly, there were No Christmas Decorations!!  Not even a wreath or a bell!!  And Santa was somewhere, but who knows where?  (The girls got their pics with Santa at the Evansville mall, anyway, so we probably saved ourselves from exposure to cold and flu germs…)   There was, however, a carousel…

DSC_0018 DSC_0024


The Opry House was right across the street, so we strolled on over—sans coats, great big blue sky with smiley sunshine everywhere.

Michael, Olivia, Samantha, and Jessica

Michael, Olivia, Samantha, and Jessica

Casey, Olivia, Samantha, JoJo

Casey, Olivia, Samantha, JoJo

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas-the musical” got off to a slow start, but the colorful set grabbed both the kids’ attention the beginning.  Even Samantha stayed tuned as Cindy Lou Who saved the day and the Grinch’s heart grew 3x larger.

We got the outside lights up on Sunday, finished up the tree decorating, and I do believe this Christmas Season is going to be the best!!



Week-end Wrap-up in Photos

New Harmony, In, (pop. 766) held their Christmas parade on Saturday morning.  We picked up Olivia and drove over for the festivities…

Throughout the parade, candy was thrown to the children that lined the streets and Olivia kept busy picking it up and adding it to her bag.  After we had welcomed Santa, we ducked into the Main Cafe to warm up with lunch and count our treasure.

All of the shops offered more candy as we strolled through;  Hoosier Salon had a great dance floor, and the Women’s Gallery helped us make ornaments to take home.  We were pretty-well worn-out by the time we sat on Santa’s lap for a quick pic.

I finished up the around-the-house decorating today, not because I feel like it’s perfect, but because I have to move on to preparing for our Christmas in NYC trip.  It’s pretty nice, though.  I’ll share some pictures of that tomorrow.

Hope you’re getting into the Spirit, as well!  17 more days till the Big Guy climbs down the chimney…